Tutorial : How To Operate The Mini Sewing Machine ♥

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April 21, 2017
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April 22, 2017

Tutorial On How To Operate The Mini Sewing Machine ❤
Thanks For Watching ^^

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  1. Cup Cake says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! I've had my Lil sew & sew for 2 years and just could grasp the use of it. In fact, I had given up on ever using it, but I've been crocheting a clutch and want to put a liner in it. I ran across this video and did everything step-by-step and was able to sew my liner. What took me the longest was threading the needle. I had a hard time finding the eye but I got it 🙂

  2. Kaci Bell says:

    OMG! Thank You for this (thorough) Video. I didn't even know what the " Threader " was. lol

  3. Thanks you so much
    i just hot mine today and i was cluecless xD

  4. K Ganesh says:

    awesome mam… nice video. tq.☺☺

  5. can it sew jeans? i would like to alter my jeans

  6. hyacinth s says:

    Well explained…Kudos!

  7. Does anybody know if the presser foot is changable? i am wondering if it is like other bigger sewing machines and i can put a foot for invesible zipper for example..pleasee pleasse reply

  8. Xhy Llyn says:


  9. What is the brand of this sewing machine?

  10. simple mempermudah kerjaan kita para ibu.

  11. Can we stitch churidar with this sewing machine?

  12. Thanks for this! Just got mine, exact same model, and I'm a complete and utter noob at using a sewing machine. You saved me a lot of frustration!!

  13. Shama Najnin says:

    What is solution of frequent thread breaking?

  14. Perfect. Thank you so much for making this quick and easy tutorial!!

  15. Robert M says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this video. I would have been totally clueless without it. Great well explained video. I bought this exact same model with trepidation after reading some of the reviews. I followed your video to the letter and it works fine. OK it doesn't have bells and whistle but it does what I need it for. A tip for the people who are having the stitching undo, do a couple of stitches by hand on each end of the stitching for extra security, it only takes a few minutes. It is certainly faster than hand stitching an entire hem. Syafa thank you so much.

  16. Hi what is the needle size?

  17. It's just a matter of time before Atheists and Christians get here in this comment section.

  18. Emily Garner says:

    Thank you so much 😊 this helped a lot !!!

  19. Thank you so so much!!! This is way better than the "official" video the sewing machine comes with. The camera angles really helped!!

  20. Jacky Rubio says:

    I turned on a sewing machine for the first time and I got scared by the noise 😂😂lol

  21. I like ur video very helpful and clear . you explain everything properly. ☺☺

  22. thnx, I'm a twelve year old in my dad's business kalm creations. you should check him out he makes shirts,sweaters,flags,socks,pillows, and much more. for more info comment so you guys can get in touch

  23. Nyoom says:

    So I used this and it worked yesterday but today I go to change my bottom thread and after I put it my handle won't turn towards me anymore so I can't thread it. Someone please help

  24. rod Jason says:

    Very easy to follow video. Just bought one of these for 10 bucks and have tailored 3 of my shirts to slim fit. 😀

  25. I want operation steps for 🙂 307 domestic use swing machine please

  26. I want operation steps for 🙂 307 domestic use swing machine please

  27. I want operation steps for jh 307 domestic use swing machine please

  28. I want operation steps for jh 307 domestic use swing machine please

  29. Mai Abdo says:

    لو سمحت انا مش عارفة اطلع خيط المكوك من الفتحة تحت الابرة

  30. how can you make a normal stitch from loose stitch? please help 🙁

  31. Erika Racz says:

    I was learning in here !
    thank you so much this video!

  32. how do you work the foot pedal beacause mine isnt working. Do u need to plug the power adapter or batteries?? thnks

  33. 46SN says:

    thanks a lot
    this video was soooo very helpful
    had it for long, but dint get time to try and figure it out
    but now i can do it right away
    thanks a tonnm

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