Top 6 Sewing Patterns for Beginners!

Last Minute sew and no-sew Valentine’s Day projects
February 10, 2017
How to create decorative topstitched details
February 11, 2017

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I’m wearing: McCalls 7287


Patterns mentioned:
Simplicity 9330
Tilly Walnes, Love At First Stitch:
New Look 6378:
New Look 6068:
New Look 6483:
New Look 6095:
Simplicity 1593:
Simplicity 1370:
Simplicity 2215:



  1. LINDA BROWN says:

    I too love to sew. That's why I do it. The other day I had someone ask me if I sewed because it was cheaper than buying ready to wear. I told him that it really depends on prices. Sometimes it's cheaper, sometimes not. Thanks Rosa for showing what you make. I really enjoy it.

  2. I just love your video's, love what you make.???✂️

  3. And now I need a kimono!

  4. Do you buy your patterns online or in stores? I've been looking for patterns but there's so many brands and places to buy them from lol.

  5. I'm a beginner, just started this April, and I love it so so so much!!!))) Thank you for the inspiration) such lovely video?

  6. Johanna J says:

    This just made me remember that I had actually bought the NewLook 6095 before I had actually learn to sew (just when I got my sewing machine), who knows why, but now I'm excited to use it 🙂

    P.S. Did you literally just cut the arms longer for the jumper dress? Or is there some sort of trick to it? Merci :)

  7. Debaaa86 says:

    I really needed that pep talk today! I've just finished my second project (the shift top you showed in this video actually) and it turned out too small ? So thanks Rosa, I'll keep plodding along ☺️

  8. Chantel Bond says:

    I've just bought my first pattern from Sew Me Something in Stratford and I cant wait for the summer holidays to begin sewing them. You're really inspiring and can't wait for your future videos!

  9. 602redroses says:

    You are inspiring!

  10. Awesome video again, I enjoy playing all your videos as I sew. Have a wonderful day!??

  11. Noora says:

    I enjoyed watching this as I've just finished sewing my first ever top and it came out a total failure! BUT, this video got me thinking about a crazy fabric for a PJ bottoms 🙂 – very inspiring indeed, thanks!
    I just wanted to ask you something- did YT tell you that some fail was detected in the video? Did YT offer to "fix" this fault? I am asking because the footage is shaky and I don't think it's the camera- I noticed whenever YT automatically "fixes" videos they come out shaky- if yes, you might want to decline next time- anyway thanks again for posting this, very helpful , informative and inspiring- have a great week :)

  12. Such a lovely video! I'm currently a bit frustrated because I'm attempting to sew shorts with a fly front zipper and I feel like this young Padawan has yet too much to learn. So many cute patterns in this, I'll have to look them up and maybe do one of them before I go back to the shorts. :)

  13. gingerella says:

    Totally agree with all of these and Tilly's book. I'm yet to make a kimono. Oh! You've just given me an idea! I'm going to be showing my sister how to sew and a kimono could be much better than sewing a tote bag! 😀 Something she can wear. I've got 1370 and really want to make the skorts. Definitely with you on the joy of sewing! I think about it ALL the time, basically the best decision of my life to take up sewing.

  14. Betsy Kleger says:

    Thanks for another great video☺️

  15. Betsy Kleger says:

    Question: what fabric is your "go to" lining fabric for dresses, skirts and tops?

  16. Lynn says:

    Thank you for your videos. They are so informative and inspiring. As a beginner I just spent two days making a shirt that should have taken two hours. Was starting to have second thoughts about this new hobby of mine. But listening to your words of encouragement at the end of this video has spurred me on to carry on. Thanks for that. You are definitely my favourite sewing vlogger!

  17. Sam says:

    Hi Rosa, I love your sewing! Yay, I can't believe you recommended a pattern, New Look 6095, that I recently made. I am a beginner sewer and I found the dress B really quite nice to sew. Only thing is I haven't been able to wear it yet because of the weather!! I really look forward to watching your videos.

  18. Very nice! Love that final skirt with the flowers- it's so loud but so fun!

  19. Wendy Whalen says:

    A fabulous podcast! Great ideas and inspiration. Thank you so much ?

  20. Lynn Watson says:

    love your videos I am new to sewing made a couple of things but my boobs are go big so far my favourite pattern is the sew over it shift dress.

  21. Could you please send me the pattern number for the mcCalls flared skirt you showed at the beginning of this video? Thanks

  22. Lovely patterns! Thanks for sharing :-)

  23. Kavanagh24 says:

    Have watched a couple of your videos and have subscribed now. You are really good at explaining and have inspired me too try more pattern sewing. thanks!

  24. Did you make that grey skirt? I love it! Any idea where I can find that pattern?

  25. Thank you so much for this video. It is very helpful. I will try some of your suggestions.

  26. great video. Suggestion, on the denim skirt pockets, make the pockets out of a light weight cotton. I like putting fun prints in the pockets for my kids. Right know the 7 yr old son likes bugs in his pockets and my 9 yr old daughter wants pint sparkle. Great for using up scraps too. Love your videos you are inspiring me to sew more often.

  27. I love the gathered skirts

  28. thank you for your encouragement

  29. Mandy Holmes says:

    I know lots gave probably asked but gave you done a tutorial fir the McCalks M7287 skirt, I'm just about to start this project. the sizing seems very small, any advise most welcome ?

  30. Definitely agree that pajama pants are a good starting point. When I was about 12, I learned how to sew in one of my school classes (Home Economics – we learned sewing, baking/cooking, home & personal finanaces, etc) and the first project we all did, after learning how a machine works, was plaid flannel pajama bottoms. I still have mine and wear them now and then…nearly 20 years later!

  31. Thank you so much….a lot of great choices….do you recommend a pattern for that beautiful yellow pleated skirt? Thank you once again!

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