Toddler Sundress With Bow (Sewing For Beginners)

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January 5, 2017
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January 6, 2017

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  1. Got the bodice done, but I am a true beginner and don't know how to sew a gather for the top of the dress body, so now I am stuck. ?

  2. Nadia Zafar says:

    Very nice nd beautiful

  3. Zouzou Zitt says:

    صنعة اليد تبقى……

  4. Numaan Ahmed says:

    normal housery clothes for baby girl show the designs

  5. Carly Cae says:

    Do you have the measurements

  6. Hawa Chan says:

    So easy! I want to make one too

  7. diljeet kaur says:

    Very easy and impressive dress

  8. Jishana mt says:

    it's nice and simple presentation.. keep going…regardzzz frm a sister

  9. hi mam can you plz show how to make pinafore dress for a baby girl

  10. Semistitching with lining

  11. ياليت يحطون ترجمه

  12. شكرا على الخياط كلش حلو

  13. This is adorable … I'm doing one for me …. :)

  14. saba khan says:

    do u have magermnt

  15. saba khan says:

    this frok for how years old baby

  16. Nina Vaught says:

    A darling dress. i am looking forward to trying it. I am interested in what you are ironing on.

  17. lovely fabric choice! if possible, i think a great idea would be to make a video or post on how to coordinate fabrics (like mixing prints and picking colors that work) either here on youtube or on your blog! im sure it would be a hit. but also, im sure youre very busy!

  18. good job i liketttttttt

  19. what are your measurements for the bow

  20. How did you sew the bow to the dress?

  21. Luz A Payan says:

    it's so beautiful! I love it!

  22. Is there any where I can get a pdf of the pattern?

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