Toddler Easter Dress Tutorial (Sewing For Beginners)

Summer Palette: Pink + Blue
June 3, 2017
Lady in Red…
June 4, 2017

Pattern Tutorial for this dress –

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  1. angel george says:

    i love this,gonna try it! just started to sow myself so looking for ideas for my daughter,shes 3,but just a sugestion,the bottom should of done with the pink material,it would of looked real sweet….;-)

  2. what are the measurements of your pieces?

  3. MacIrish22 says:

    I love it, your tutorials are so easy to understand and follow…. One thing, I do not know one thing about making my own patterns… would you or could you show a tutorial on how you cut out your patterns, please and thank you… keep up the great work and love following your videos 🙂

  4. Joanie S says:

    Where do you get your patterns? Do you make them yourself.

  5. Mags Nash says:

    I think this was a super idea!!!!!! How do you get the measurements right though ? I would appreciate how you made the pattern for these dresses so I can make similar ones for my great granddaughters Poppy whose 5-years old and Daisy whose 2-years old. Many thanks for your brilliant help and tutorials

  6. Thank you for the video! How do you determine the amount of elastic to use?

  7. I love watching your videos because you are so REAL but what I either miss you don't mention are the measurements. 

  8. shayfarmr says:

    I wish I could move you in with me Ms. Fate. I tried to make a dress the other night for the first time and can we say a hot mess. Thank you for your videos.

  9. Yuri Higley says:

    I love your way of teaching,step by step,clear,easy to follow. More power and thank you,I am now so anxious to get on my sewing machine to make my daughters their dress.

  10. thanks dear for teaching this model dress ..    

  11. how did you add ruffles on top it seem like it was sewn right on top instead of fabric right sides sewn 

  12. BJBURNS22 says:

    I went to get the pattern from the store the simplicity 1903 they do not have it do you know where I can get it from.

  13. Thank you so much. My little girls will love it.

  14. Urmila says:

    Thank you for the tutorial. My little girls will love it.

  15. i loved it I never done a neck like that but I think I will I would love to follow if I may on facebook

  16. thanks i learn more …

  17. Bev McMullen says:

    You make it seem so easy. Thanks for sharing.

  18. please how to measurement

  19. very nice, did you use a ruffler

  20. can you make a size8-9

  21. very nice frock madam. u simply made this. I will definitely try it for my 7 years old daughter. thank you so much

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