Tips for Sewing Pattern Beginners- Whitney Sews

Inspiration for Making the Etta Dress
May 5, 2017
Creamy Pasta Salad Recipe – Simple and Delicious!
May 6, 2017

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  1. Whitney Sews says:

    That's awesome that you're sewing at a young age! I wish I had really gotten into sewing when I was younger 🙂

  2. dancingrl212 says:

    I bought that pattern yesterday from Joann's during a 99 cent pattern sale. I can't wait to make it!

  3. If the pattern is for mutiple sizes do you just cut the largest out? I mean I didnt want to destroy the pattern by only making my size what would you recommend?

  4. Lindasuella says:

    Like the way you did the skirt but I really didn't pick up on any tips where actual patterns were concerned. Thanks anyway…

  5. You are great!!!! Thanks for your videos…..

  6. alindastar says:

    I thought this was going to be a basic How To video but rather it was a watch me make a skirt video. The sheet is a good idea but doesn't the pattern come with layout diagrams for different widths of cloth in the instructions? Yeah well choose a simple A line skirt and start over because as far I as I can tell your viewers might still find patterns intimidating.

  7. Whitney Sews says:

    The video is called TIPS for sewing pattern beginners because I was just sharing tips I've learned over the years from working with patterns. I have a whole series with other pattern reading info broken down into sections. I don't like doing sewing pattern walk throughs where it goes through a pattern from start to finish because all patterns are different and someone would have to have that exact pattern for it to be useful.

  8. How did you sew in the elastic?. Did you just tack it in?

  9. Joelyn Ola says:

    ugh the music is horrible wtf is this

  10. tanahita says:

    Thank you! Loved how you provided directions and helpful info while you showed how in fast speed! As always I appreciate your time and hints!

  11. This was a good starter I brought a pattern. I was comfortable with the cuts and numbers only to get lost in their terms. I will look throught more of your videos for other tips

  12. Effy Fred says:

    how to do the cowl neck pattern cutting and sewing.or how to place on the cloth.

  13. Great and helpful video! thanks!

  14. Mitchi ls says:

    Omg I love you times a million (as a matter of fact i will subscribe now lol;-) ) I could you make a shirt from the simplicity pattern

  15. Jen Ul says:

    Too bad your not my neighbor. You make it look easy.

  16. Great little project. Would it be possible for you to create a video for a simplicity dress as I'm a little stuck on it and I can't find any sort of walk through video on it. Its pattern 2886 and its dress c. I know this is a massive ask, but you make everything look so easy. If not, would it be possible for our to get a PDF of the instructions and chat to me about step 13. I would be so grateful for your help 

  17. nice trick, looks good

  18. PurdyBear1 says:

    I was taught at school to sew with patterns, some 20 years later, I still hate sewing patterns.

  19. faultroy says:

    Enjoyed the video. Question for anyone. What happens if you have a pattern that you want to use, but it is not offered in a size that you want. For example, if the size is in an extra large, but you want to make it as a XXL or even a XXXL?  Is there a way of making it larger proportionately? 

  20. What is that kind of skirt called? I love it sooooo much!

  21. N.L. B. says:

    Thank you so much for this!  I'm just beginning to sew and am a little intimidated by everything–including sewing patterns.  The use of a sheet as a trial run is a great idea!

  22. I am elated for the opportunity to implement all your awesome idea's. you have inspired me to use the vintage fabrics that I have herd at home a d to loom for more at thrift stores. I always for you here. Congratulations on your pregnancy and I am looking forward to learning more fro. your shared skills.

  23. Hi, Whitney. I just wabt to take some time to say thank you for posting the videos that you have posted. You are such a great help.

    You are a wonderful person. I'm sure more blessings will come your way.

  24. Thanks so much i have a few questions for you,first where do you get patterns because ive bought some online and they never came.And do you have video on how to make your own patterns and if you don't can you make

  25. yesvelas4 says:

    I tried a simplicity (easy) patterns & I cut it out my size but..when I tried it on its was too small on my hips. HELP!!!!

  26. Whitney, That turned out so cute! You did such a good job sewing it! I saw a lady with a beautiful dress on one day and she told me it was made from a tablecloth! It was gorgeous!

  27. To me Simplicity has the easiest directions and Butterick the hardest.

  28. Rosrychaplet says:

    You are very skilled. Thank you.

  29. Hello Miss Whitney can't you help me got a patern need you're help pern number is 6802 can't you help thank you very much.

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