Tips for Making Your First Sewing Kit

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January 6, 2017
A New Workout Wardrobe: My New Year Resolution:
January 7, 2017

Martha reveals what essentials she keeps in her sewing kit. If you are going off to college or just living on your own it is important that you can sew your way out of a bind.

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  1. Lol!! Not too long ago I made my son a sewing kit since his ex took off with the one I had previously made them.  I was in a hurry so I made him one out of a jar and made the pin cushion on the lid.  I had the same things as you did but I had an extra seam ripper which is useful to undo thread when a button pops off and safer than scissors which knowing my son would probably make a hole in the fabric.  The jar sits on a counter in his kitchen where he can easily get to and not hidden in some basket where he can't find.  Men! 
    Thanks for the tip in about the sand – I didn't know about that – I had mine filled with something similar to an SOS pad…the name escapes me – my mom who was a seamstress used to use it back in the 'old' days.

  2. Seam ripper for sure. And extra needle threaders are great. Also add a small, lidded plastic box for the buttons, and maybe another for extra pins or needles.

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