The Beginner’s Guide to Sewing (Episode 16) Letting Out and Taking In Side Seams (Part 1)

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June 29, 2017
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June 30, 2017

Hey Everyone! Welcome back to the BGTS series! We’re moving forward with our alternations theme this week by teaching you how to Let Out a Side Seam by inserting a Gusset.

Inserting a Gusset lets you enlarge any garment as much as you want, because you aren’t limited to the seam allowance. It’s a skill often used in formal wear and bridal wear, but also translates well to jeans, skirts, and even shirts.

This skill has many little steps, but really it isn’t too hard, and if you’ve watched all the BGTS episodes, I know you’ll be able to pull it off.

Alternation skills are important for many reasons, the biggest one being that you’ll make good money altering people’s clothing. I can guarantee you’ll earn an extra income. People will always need alterations done and, frankly, tailoring is a valuable skill many sewers skip learning all together.

Next week we’ll teach you how to Take In a simple side seam, as well as how to take in the seam at the zipper.

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  1. gorving2 says:

    Can you do a video on how to increase in the hips.  I have a pear shape body and need a blouse 3 sizes bigger to accommodate my hips than I need in the bust.  I would be interested in alterations for decreasing bust and increasing hip section. Any help you can give would be very appreciated.  Thank you.

  2. Patricia H says:

    Love your videos! They're so helpful and well done!

  3. Sarah you usually do a fantastic job of explaining how to sew but this is the most I've been confused. The material is so dark and I can't really see what you are doing. Can you redo for the extreme dummies?

  4. Hi Michele! For some reason, I can't respond to your comment. I'm so sorry this video was confusing – I'd be happy to walk you through the steps or clarify any confusing parts. I apologize for the dark color – do you have the HD video setting turned on? Feel free to email me anytime at Sarah @ sewing parts 

  5. Fran Mineo says:

    I agree with Michele – this video was totally confusing to me and perhaps, contributing to this was the dark color so hard to see.  I was completely and totally lost, and this is very  unusual when following your instructions. .  You are a great teacher. I do appreciate your videos, but was almost relieved to see someone else was confused.  . I'll try watching it again and se if I can catch on.  I also am an extreme dummy.  Just sayin'  

  6. Fran Mineo says:

    Aww – thank you for your very kind email.  I actually should have said how much I appreciate ALL your videos and the amount of info you so freely share!!  This one is tricky and sometimes I have to see something more than once to grasp it.  But its the ONLY video that was confusing to me.  Thanks for your kind words and offer of email help.  You are a gem. 

  7. Hondou James says:

    Before reading the comments I was thinking to myself how confusing this video is. Glad to know that it wasn't just me

  8. I agree, the material was a bit dark, but it was definitely not confusing. Very clear! Had to go back a few times but thank you very much for demonstrating!

  9. menace91hb says:

    I'm glad I'm not the only one confused, and having a hard time seeing!

  10. I guess it's not as confusing to me because I have made gussets before. I did have to watch it a couple of times because of the dark fabric, tho. Thank you for your videos.

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