Short List of Essential Off Grid Sewing Supplies

Fitting the Etta dress sewing pattern
May 9, 2017
Raspberry Lemonade – Sweet and Refreshing
May 10, 2017

The short list of only what you need to get a well rounded survival sewing kit put together. I am an experienced seamstress and these are the absolute must-have’s in your off grid sewing kit. No fluff or stuff you won’t use.
And sorry I tell you about the low quality pins twice! I had to re-take the pin section because my camera battery died and I couldn’t remember which take I talked about those silly pins that couldn’t poke through anything! So you get to hear it twice. 😉

Mentioned in the video:
Janome Treadle Machine:

I didn’t talk about these, but if you’re planning to sew leather you want glover’s needles also:

All purpose thread:
Button thread:

Straight pins:
Safety pins:

Needle grippers:


Seam ripper:




  1. Todd Dembsky says:

    Angela, you missed three of my favorite sewing items
    1) Fabric Glue, 2) a stapler (for hemming or doubling up on a seam) 3) Iron on patches, you can always get a rock from the fire hot enough to activate the glue on the patch.

    If I have a zipper or button go out, Velcro is the perfect replacement — now you know why Minnesotans wear snow pants and long jackets 🙂
    Lets face it, even with a thimble I would still find a way of poking the needle through my finger.
    But I have to give you a big thumbs up — any woman who has her own Leatherman is OK if my book 🙂

    Keep up the great info, this is something that I would have never thought about.

  2. Great information! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Todd Dembsky says:

    Angela, I truly like these video's, but when I was in junior high, boys took shop and girls to home econ. As such, I would not know the first thing to do with a needle and a thread. Is it possible to create a 2 min prep on how to sew a hole in the crotch of pants, or a button on. There are times where I may need to sew a seam on my tent closed. I would have no idea how to do this. I can chop a tree down, make it into lumber, build a shelter, and protect you for wild animals, — but I would not know how to repair clothing or fabric of any type.

  4. Acer Rubrum says:

    If you have an electric machine just turn the hand wheel manually.
    Fabric only scissors, lol, I can still hear my Mothers voice " Don't touch my sewing scissors! Never ever use my gold fabric scissors! "
    Good video, thanks

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