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July 2, 2017
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July 3, 2017

New to sewing? Sharing 5 things beginners need to know in this LIVE edition of the Sewing Report!
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1) There are so many different types/forms of sewing – they are NOT all the same
2) Sewing Machines – how to buy your first one, what to look for, do you need an expensive one?
3) Fabric – there is SO much available it’s mind blowing. Jo-Ann Fabrics is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to shopping for fabric. There are endless options with online shopping as well.
4) Don’t choose overly complicated projects when you’re just starting out. Match your project to your sewing skill level. Pillow covers, napkins, place mats are great for trial and error and developing confidence
5) Seek out “real” vs. “fake” sewing tutorials. There is so much misinformation and bad information on the internet about sewing. How can you tell if a sewing resource is good quality?




Comprehensive sewing resource guide:








The Ultimate Advice for Every 20 Year Old


EverSewn – Sparrow 25 -197 Stitch Computerized Sewing Machine

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Brother 1034D Serger –

Janome MemoryCraft 7700 Sewing Machine –

Brother SE-400 Combination Sewing / Embroidery Machine

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  1. Hey love your channel! You are so sweet and refreshingly honest! The sewing world is just the best. It's true what you said, you gotta get into sewing to realize how cool it is and how much there is to learn! Oh and the fit! Yesss!

  2. For those of you who enjoyed this live stream, I'm going to (try) and do one every week – likely on Sunday afternoons. Let me know what you think! Would love your feedback on the format and what days/time frames are most convenient for you.

  3. Yes u are correct market stuff sucks,I fact sewing is fun

  4. I have bernina,I love it

  5. 602redroses says:

    I enjoyed your discussion very much. I have had a Bernina sewing machine for about 20 years. I love it…it is well built and easy to use.I often shop thrift stores for fabric. You can also find patterns, buttons etc.Regarding new sewers. There are learning to sew patterns in McCall's and Simplicity.I have learned that some people buy sheets on clearance for sewing.

  6. For younger sewists who enjoy watching sewing DIY videos I totally recommend the channel AnnikaVictoria ! She's in her mid 20's, and her videos consist mostly of recreating weird modern styles that her viewers suggest! She's got amazing tutorials and her explanations are generally very helpful! She also is really great at giving different options for people of varying equipment and skill levels.

  7. Also my issue with fabric shopping online is much like what people say about sewing machines; I want to be able to touch the fabric and see it in person! Usually it's because I have an idea in mind already of how I want the item I'm sewing to look, feel or sit on the body and a lot of times I need to be able to play with the fabric to find the right kind.

  8. NaturalDane says:

    Great video! lots of great tips. I grew up sewing but got away from it once I hit high school, but dabbled back in here and there. not until about 3 years ago did I get back into it seriously and embroidery. guess what now I'm looking to doing some light quilting 😁😁. my mother taught me to sew and I grew up doing pottery, drawing, etc. we definitely need to keep learning.

  9. I'm sad I missed this live!

  10. There is a lady by the name of Coleen G. Lee and she is on the fashion sewing blog tv here on YouTube. She has a lot of great tutorials on specific techniques. She would be a great resource for that lace technique. She has been asking us to make suggestions or ask her questions about techniques you are interested in.

  11. I have a question whenever. I use decorative stitch on my sewing machine ,after 5 minutes the needle comes off,any idea why it's happening…

  12. Sheri Maple says:

    I think it depends on the shop you go to. I don't mind going to the shop to get something service. If it's a repair, so it's going to be a little dirty. In fact, if it's too clean, then I think that person may be a good repair person because he's not getting a lot of business. Just find a great place that caters to your needs.

  13. Elle Groover says:

    Like your idea for a weekly video but it may be a tad too long. About Craftsy. You said they have a blog?!?! I've watched free lessons & ive paid for some but not sure what u meant about your pants you made. Was it like a quilt kit? Where u DL class materials and watch how the instructor made their quilt/quilts? I'm upset with them now cuz their customer service Dept sucks! No live people!! U have to email them unless u r lucky to get a chat. I've only had ONE CHAT with them. It's aggravating especially when they've messed up your order and u really need help!! Also… I paid about $260 for my singer sewing machine FROM AMAZON!! Lol!! I'm like you. I'd rather order on line cuz of traffic. I'm a beginner with quilts too but you're right as far as clothes. I'm very intimidated about sewing clothes!! I'd love to have the ability. I even bought a dress form to put in our extra bedroom that I've redone to be my craft/quilt/sewing room. I think you're on to something and I've actually thought about how, if I was smart, I really think people are turning more and more to sewing and crafts and quilting now!! I'd like to be ahead of the trend too, so it's nice to find a kindred spirit thinking same as me. Where did u get ur $200 serger? I'm also thinking about an embroidery machine too. I saw one on Amazon for about $250 I think around there. Might be fun for gifts too as well as around house and our clothes!! How did u make ur leggings? I'd like to make me some and some easy blouses. But your right about textiles. We are chained to Joann fabrics!! I watch these gals who live in …dang, I forgot, Japan or Chiba? They're Asian girls and they took us to this HUGE place that was filled with all kinds of neat fabrics textiles, etc. anything u could think of. We need something like that across the states!! Sorry to ramble on. 😆 I get carried away…like you. Lol later!! 🙋 👍💕

  14. Liz P says:

    I am finishing clothes I started over years back with the help of youtube.

  15. Rara Avis says:

    If I could give my younger self one piece of advice about sewing machines, it would be: don't get sucked in by fancy decorative stitches and extra functions. For most of them you need special thread and needles and inlay (? I'm not sure if that's the correct term in english) and it needs a lot of fiddling around and trial and error to get nice results on different fabrics. So unless you're really going to use it a lot, it makes more sense to get a basic machine and start saving up for a serger, which is really a god's end. And if you want a nice embroidery on something, there are shops who will do it at very reasonable prices for you (they really are reasonable if really figure in all the extra cost and time of doing it yourself). Also, if you're going to a shop, bring your own fabric scraps (difficult ones, too) and really testdrive the machine. And thoroughly test the buttonhole function , it's a weak spot on cheaper machines!

  16. Tania Cern says:

    I love your passion and enthusiasm for sewing. I am 50 years old and feel like I am in a time warp when I go to a sewing machine store, which I rarely do because there are so few around and the 60 minute drive is a deterrent. An online sewing machine presence would be awesome. Unfortunately, there are few fabric stores too and since I am in Canada, shopping online is expensive given duty, foreign exchange and international shipping. I started sewing in June 2016 because I was tired of having illfitting clothes and I cannot get enough. There is so much to learn. Fitting has been my biggest challenge but it is getting better.

  17. C Zeidman says:

    The quality of your videos is so good, it is no surprise that you are a professional.Thanks so much.

  18. I just bought a Janome 2212, and I am just beginning. I just want to say that it is wonderful. Just a little tidbit there!

  19. Just subbed. I am so glad to have found your channel. You are just what a newbie needs. I had no people to teach me how to sew, I taught myself knitting and crocheting but was scared to sew. My hubby bought me a sewing machine and serger, but
    am still wary, so any tutorials help. Thank you so much. Luv from Ireland

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