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June 12, 2017
7 Practical Tips for Designing A Sewing Room
June 13, 2017
Try this easy sewing craft project for beginners. This pocket tissue box case is an easy sewing pattern for kids. Make them as gift ideas. Use the wood stamps for printing your fabric pattern and create this wonderful quilting tissue box.
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  1. josie gitto says:

    they are so cute !!!

  2. Ruth Marler says:

    Do you have measurements for the different sized pieces?

  3. Ari Dea says:

    what are the measurements

  4. what are the measurements

  5. Jamie Malden says:

    it is not possible to supply the measurements as the packets of tissues vary so much. Draw round the packet of tissues to get the rectangle size. Have fun being creative!

  6. I liked this video but can you please talk

  7. I would rather have talking instead of music

  8. So easy! Thanks for the video.

  9. Liz Moore says:

    Why wouldn't you include the measurements?

  10. Never use scissors to push out corners! Try a chopstick.

  11. Why were there no measurements? The tissue holder looks a little small for that pack of tissues. Usually there is not that much of a gap in the opening.

  12. What are the proper measurements?

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