Sewing kits for beginners : What You Should Include

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December 13, 2016
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December 13, 2016

What you should include in sewing kits for beginners from

I use Rasant 120 Thread. It’s a polyester thread wrapped in cotton. You can see it and buy it on eBay here:

An assortment pack of hand needles would be best to buy. You can see and buy the packs from eBay here:

A box or wheel of pins will be very helpful when preparing your project before you sew. You can see and buy the pins from eBay here:

A Sewline mechanical chalk pencil can make life very easy. Find them on eBay here: or on Amazon:

You can get the seam ripper, snips and sewing gauge in a pack, which is great value. Find the pack on eBay: or Amazon:

Get a tape measure online on eBay: or Amazon:

Tools for crafters who would like to try their hand at quilting

I would recommend the Olfa deluxe 45mm rotary cutter as it has the build in safety. See it on eBay: or Amazon:

You will need a self healing cutting mat to use with the rotary cutter. I wouldn’t go any smaller than 18″ x 24″. You can find them on eBay: or Amazon:

And lastly, it would be good to invest in a quilting ruler to suit the size of your cutting mat. You can get these on eBay here: or Amazon:

Thanks for watching. I hope you have found this information useful!



  1. Wow this is so helpful, thank you so much!

  2. No problem! Glad I could help.

  3. OC_VILLAIN says:

    Iam giving this a thumbs up, cuz she sounds adorable,.

  4. What cant you do if your fabric scissors become dull! Do u think the Rotary cutter can replace them? 

  5. taahmakay says:

    Great video! Thank you for sharing! :)

  6. Lina Ho says:

    if u don't have a mechanical chalk pencil, what can u use instead?

  7. Hi Lina. If you don't have a mechanical chalk pencil tailors chalk will work fine and is the cheaper option. Just don't drop it. I'm too clumsy and end up with it broken everywhere! Sometimes a softer lead pencil can work for some fabrics, too. 

  8. Thank you for sharing

  9. diki1555 says:

    I have a string on my sweatpants that's raise.  It looks like a loop, if I cut it with a scissor will that lead to any further damage like interlocking problems.  
    Will it fall apart?

  10. diki1555 says:

    It's very small, by the kneecap.

  11. Erin Kovac says:

    Thank you for sharing this…I am a beginner and bought several books to help. Most of the books are showing 20 or more basic items to start. I was looking for 3 or 4 different threads, automatic threaders, and alot of other things. I think the publishing company is advertising these threads and other products..the prices were getting really high, and I really just wanted the absolute necessities until I get better. So, thanks for being honest and helpful

  12. I know where you can get 24 coloured threads for 5.99

  13. thank you so much. am trying to start sewing as a hobby

  14. noirprncess says:

    Awesome!. Thanks for this.

  15. Rasha Hasan says:

    Thank you so much

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