Sewing Kit Essentials & Deluxe Kit Giveaway! CLOSED Winners Announced!

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January 24, 2017
The Art of Thrifty Sewing: How to Save Money When You Sew
January 25, 2017

Molly Quest shows you the essentials to have in a Sewing Kit! FANTASTIC GIVE AWAY to win a Molly Quest Deluxe Sewing Kit!!
Rules of the Competition:
1. Like this Video
2. Subscribe to the Molly Quest Youtube channel
3. Go to Facebook and Like Molly Quest fan page
4. Tell me in the comment box “Why do you love Sewing”
I will be notifying and announcing the Winner & Runner Up on 23rd March 2013!

GOOD LUCK Folks!!x Thanx for Watching



  1. mad14kt says:

    I love sewing because it's allows you to express yourself without limitations. You can have any color or all colors 🙂 It's so relaxing!!!

  2. dalia mshko says:

    I love sewing because i like to do all my stuff myself and you make love sewing more.

  3. I love love love sewing because it gives you such a sense of achievement knowing that you have actually made the item.

  4. TooSmall says:

    I love sewing because it allows me to create something totally unique to myself and my style.

  5. I Love sewing because it's a new way of releasing my inner creative goddess on the world and create something I can admire for years to come <3 

  6. MollyQuest says:

    Thanks for all who watched this Video and entered the Competition!! The Winners are:
    Winner of the Deluxe Sewing Kit goes to: Jayne Raywell
    Runner Up prize of the Mini Sewing Kit goes to: Mad14kt
    CONGRATULATIONS Guys and really hope that your kits will help you to keep creative!!x

  7. MollyQuest says:

    Oh Forgot to say inbox me your Addresses and Name (Mad14kt) so I can get your Kits to ASAP!

  8. mad14kt says:

    Thanks so much MollyQuest! I inboxed my address to you yesterday. Again THANKS for the opportunity to enter this GREAT give away :)

  9. mad14kt says:

    THANKS AGAIN 🙂 I am so excited…FIESTA!

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