Sewing Kit Essentails!//What to keep on hand!

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December 25, 2016
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December 26, 2016

Sewing Kit Essentials!//You can make one!
I was reorganizing my sewing kit the other day and relized thatthis humble kit was one of my most often used tools! My sister bought if for me years ago and since then it has been refilled with better scissors and tools I find useful. Below is a list of what I think every good sewing/mending box should have and I think everyone should have one wether you sew or not because everyone needs to be able to sew on a button of fix a ripped seam.

Supplies my kit:
Small spools of thread in a rainbow of colors
Needles (ditch the case they come in and put them in a small mint tin with a magnet.
Ball end pins
Needle threaders
Good small sharp embroidery scissors (ditch the cheap one that come in the kit)
Safety pins (only for when you absolutely do not have time to sew it-really, it takes 5 minutes to sew it so…)
Seam ripper (cuz we all make mistakes)

I restock my kit with needles and thread from small sewing kits I get as gifts or from hotels. You also might want to make a small kit for your car or office for the on the go emergencies. It is not hard to mend clothing and it will save you so much money.

Have this tool kit handy so everyone can access it. There is no reason your kid can’t sew up a rip in a stuffed animal or sew on a merit badge and they might even enjoy it!

Sewing Kit Essentails!//You can make one!

Video production and Craft ideas: Lindsay Weirich
Music: Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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  1. Rich Boden says:

    Needle storage – I store them pushed double through a labelled card strip. Pins – I keep on a magnet. Needle threaders I don't buy – I just use fuse wire! Far cheaper!

    LOVE the box – mine were all in a small frosted plastic sewing kit box from Muji (that I bought then expanded over the years with other threads etc) but now is in similar from Tiger (which was a whole sewing kit and scissors for £2 ($2.88)!!!) which is in a retro 1960s style tin box. The Muji one ten years back was £10 ($14.41) – love Tiger!!! I have my late mother's 1960's sewing box on legs but it is at my aunt's house with the last of my parents' things – going to use it to store my spinning and crochet things I think as it is bigger!

  2. thanks for the sewing essentials

  3. 이한교 says:

    Wow!! It's very cute!♡-♡

  4. Jane Nielsen says:

    I love that box, thank you for tip 🙂 tfs ~ hugs Jane

  5. brikhouse22 says:

    Did you know that you are suppose to use the seam ripper with the ball side down? I had been using it wrong for sooooooooo many years lol. It's so you don't stab the pointy end through your fabric and cut a hole in it……but obviously you can alway use that pointy end to pick stitches. Super cute sewing box btw. Oh and you could put some magnet in the top of the tin also maybe to separate needles with some thread attached already? You can hang the tails out the side of the tin and wrap it around it. It might just make for a quicker fix to have some already pre threaded.

  6. ricki kalp says:

    That is the cutest sewing box ever!!!! Love it!!!

  7. Thank you for the video! Another tool to thread needles is the flosser help thing that you can get at the drug store. They were about $3-4, but there were a hundred or more. It's a long slender wire-ish thread on one end, and a large loop on the other. Put the thread through the loop, and then slide the slender wire end through the needle.

  8. Noiz says:

    I have that SAME cute little sewing box! Though I got mine from a yard sale, so it was completely empty.

  9. Judy Miller says:

    Love the sewing box. So neat.

  10. Love the sewing box and thanks for telling me what that tool with the little balls is, My mom passed as you know and I found two or three of them and could not figure out what it was, I hope I did not get rid of them I must check now that I know what it is used for. Just so taxing to have to go through so much stuff and so sad. Yesterday I had to put her home which she loved so much on the market. That was so hard.But I am trying to be strong since she was such a strong women, and she always instilled this for me to do too. At times it is the hardest thing to do. I still have not done one stitch of art work since this happened. I need time which is never available but I still watch you all the time!! to learn. since I feel at least it is something. Sorry that I went so into this, but it just a time and place thing emotionally and I feel you are a friend even if I never really met you. Thanks for the video.

  11. I am a sewer / quilter, and I cannot say enough that people really do need to have a small sewing kit readily available, esp if you have children, or a husband!!!  haha!  Anyways, great advise and sharing, Lindsay!  Everyone keep sewing, crocheting, knitting, papercrafting, creating!!!!

  12. CayliBoo says:

    My mother has this box 🙂 it's awesome

  13. Sammy Jo says:

    I do the same thing with the tin for all my embroidery needles! Never thought about the magnet though, that's clever! I also have one of those really small boxes that are for kids snacks that I put my longer sewing needles in. Loving your box!

  14. Judi Hatton says:

    I love the video. Great tips. I love the sewing box, has anyone found a site that has them. I have done numerous searches but no luck.

  15. cheryl7476 says:

    you have such a pretty sewing box! What a nice sister.

  16. What a cool piece to have on display! Thanks for sharing.

  17. LINDA BROWN says:

    Love the sewing box too! Clever idea for the needles.

  18. Maria Taule says:

    I have something like that but it's a music box.

  19. keira jarvis says:

    you can get It from notonthehighstreet

  20. Hello Lindsay,
    I want to learn embroidery which I will eventually use in my mixed media/assemblage sculptures. Do you have a youtuber(website) and/or a book that you recommend? I plan on starting by making a stitch sampler book and going from there.
    Also, I want you to know that watching your videos has really helped me. Watching your videos lead me to trying projects on my own which helped lead me back to school and I am now an art major 🙂 Thank you so much

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