sewing for guys: an easy beginner project

How to Sew Four-Step Buttonholes
April 15, 2017
Mr + Mrs Bunny Printable Silhouettes
April 16, 2017


  1. Pins are easier.. Thanks for a cool video. Real men can sew and i have made several things for hunting and outdoor wildlife photography. Keep the videos coming !

  2. Ken Browne says:

    Double sided tape 1/4" is the best.  

  3. Tiffany Cobb says:

    love your vintage sewing machines they are beautiful

  4. mugaluk says:

    I thought that you went at a very great pace and explained yourself well.

  5. symsee says:

    This is great; having just bought a sewing machine, I've found the perfect first project right here! 🙂

  6. I really enjoy your videos!. I've sewn since I was eight [I'm 64 now — my Beatles birthday]. At age nine, my father taught me to sew simple things using just needle and thread. He served four years on board ship in the US Navy all through WWII from age 17 to 21, and that's where he learned to sew/mend things by hand; to maintain their own uniforms, Dopp kits, etc. was a requirement. I also learned from him how to fold/roll/pack clothes so they do not wrinkle [also a Navy requirement]. As the middle child of seven siblings, and growing up at the height of the Great Depression, he learned every household chore that needed to be done — from-scratch: cooking, hardwood floor waxing, manual rotary lawn mowing, etc. But I digress. My parents did not spoil their only surviving child; they made certain I would be self sufficient at an early age.

    My mother taught me embroidery stitches with a needle/thread/hoop, at around age 8 but that bored me; way too tedious. I wanted to create things, not embellish things, so I learned from her how to use her 1st machine — a new 1961 all-metal White brand "portable" sewing machine – however it was extremely heavy, so it was hardly totable. She bought it when taking a night course in tailoring at our local high school.

    My mother did not have excellent vision, so detail work was very difficult for her. She showed me how to install fabric/metal garment zippers with her White using just its default presser foot which was very thin and delicate, like modern zipper feet. She'd set me to sewing [I was about age ten], to installing the zipper and then went off to the kitchen to do dishes. A few minutes later I called to her from the machine to tell her I was "done". Of course she didn't believe me, thought I was calling for help, or 'what's next?'. She was visibly shocked that I'd installed the zip just fine, the first time. My mom was an extremely capable woman in all her endeavors, but she could not believe that I found sewing zippers so easy. Maybe because she did not taint my attitude by saying anything negative to me about how frustrating they are, etc. I found out much later how many folks really whine over zipper installs.

    For me, I'd rather take a beating than install button holes. Yes, it's become very easy now with modern sewing machine features, but still..not my favorite.

    I love that you encourage fellows to sew and explain things well.

    The only suggestions I have for this video is to remember to mention "clipping corners" before turning right-side-out. Helps the corners to be more defined [i.e. "pointy"].

    Also, the camera is quite far away to see your sewing process in detail. Is there a way to zoom in closer when viewing the machine's bed from the back? It would be a better vantage point of it were filming from over your left shoulder, as if your own eyes seeing the project in front of you as you stitch.

    Thank you for these casual but informative videos, and to encourage everyone to sew, especially guys. I required many "basic life skills" of my graduating h.s. seniors [that had nothing to do with their physics class] back when I taught math & science over forty years ago. They thought it was weird & silly to be learning to cook a few simple meals out in the school cafeteria, to mend simple things, balance a check book, etc. before going off to college. Later they stopped by my class as college freshmen to say thanks.

  7. @ SafePet Haven, thanks for your comments and for sharing your story, that's truly remarkable! I wish I had realized at a younger age how satisfying and useful sewing (and cooking, etc.) can be.
    Regarding your comments on the camera/view, I agree. I'm working with a very inexpensive, non-zoom camera. I constantly struggle with "this isn't good enough" vs "publishing something is better than waiting for perfection and never publishing." I plan to invest in a better camera at some point, but it hasn't made it high enough on my list … yet.
    Thanks for watching and commenting!

  8. LiveDna says:

    this is pretty cool. 🙂

  9. I would love to help you improving your videos. I'm a keen filmmaker and have some high quality professional and semiprofessional equipment, and always happy to try new things. Also, I have recently found out that I would enjoy learning some sewing, not sure how good I could be at it but I find it fascinating. Unfortunately most of the things you find on the Internet are for women…and then got here and liked it! Do you do any men's clothing?
    Thank you

  10. But I suppose you're in the US right?

  11. JIMPONYD says:

    Thanks for your video. I want to get into some tactical sewing. Jim

  12. Judy Lowery says:

    I searched for easy beginning sewing projects and I like yours the best so far. I think you did a great job explaining yourself. I'm a female, hope it's okay I peeked in on the manly side of life 🙂

  13. you need to make a pouch for your sewing machine to put your scissors in and odds an ends in

  14. Hey, GREAT VIDEO. Hope you make more, but next time could you talk and stroke your chest at the same time, it would really mean a lot to me. I  find that any man with a needle and thread is" so my type" 🙂

  15. Cat Di says:

    Was looking for a quick project and this hit the spot! Thanks. My only recommendation is that, rather than sew a line of stitching on the exterior, a nice zig-zag across the raw edges on the interior would make the item a bit neater…just a suggestion.

  16. thanks for the video. I'm a single/solo mom raising a boy and he constantly gets the whole "that's for girls" "boys don't do that" from well total strangers he's starting to shy away from things he use to like this shoed him guys can sew and like to to sew it's ok thank you.

  17. dryocum says:

    Nice! Thanks for the vid!

  18. Alan Norcott says:

    Thank you for this video, I'm a man who's getting into learning new and different skills in my 40s. Sewing is one of the things that I am interested in tackling. Ir seems a practical skill with many real life aplications. The fact that you're showing ways to repair and create "manly things is very cool to me. I'm an Outdoorsman and I love the fact that you can make admin packs at the like. Please keep up the videos and thanks again. Any advice for a very new sewer is apreciated.

  19. Thanks for the great video. I have started making my own pouches and molle attachments for backpacking and hunting on mules. So much to learn about different materials. I use an antique 1952 Singer sewing machine with one straight stitch. Its very cool to learn new trades. Keep up the good work.

  20. theflamingpi says:

    I'm going to make a couple of these. The first will be as a holder for my binder clips. The second will be a holder for the tools I use to routinely clean the machine. I might get some laminated cotton and make these for dog treats and as snack bags for the kids.

  21. S Brannon says:

    Thank you for showing us how to make that awesome bag. I bet it would cost 7 or 8 dollars- depending what stores they were bought at. I am going to make a couple for me and a couple for my daughter, all in different colors. Again, thank you for showing how to do this. 🙂

  22. Ghostlore says:

    Awesome vid. As a guy who has recently picked up the 'sport' of sewing, I am eager to try this project out. Subscribed.

  23. Martin Bravo says:

    Just got my sewing machine this weekend! Made my wife a pouch like this. She's using it for a make up bag!

  24. What is the cost of the sewing machine you have

  25. Eric T says:

    FINALLY!!!!!! Sewing projects for guys!

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