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January 20, 2017
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January 21, 2017

DIY How to make a T-Shirt Top – sewing tutorial for beginners Stitchless TV sewing channel a Sewing tutorial How to make a T-Shirt’ for complete beginners. Watch Karen, someone that has never used a sewing machine before create a beautiful T-Shirt, in less than an hour. Making clothes is easy with Stitchless TV



  1. Aisha Yusaf says:

    this is crazy i have the same sewing machine and iron as you

  2. Hello Aisha, really? What a Mini JL little sewing machine?

  3. Aisha Yusaf says:

    yep its amazing i just started to learn how to use a sewing machine and i love it thnx for replying

  4. Aisha Yusaf says:

    where did you get your tailors bust from

  5. poop says:

    Haha awesome!!


  7. Hello Sarai, thankyou. Have a go you really can do it! Tree

  8. fastcelt says:

    Hi I'm 55 year old (bloke) and found your site while searching "learning to use a sewing machine" I was wondering if the John Lewis sewing machine you use would be any good for sewing tent nylon Polyurethane (PU) coated 70 denier ripstop nylon, and the curtain hems. Checked out your web site very good , and easy to follow.
    Thanks PS: Could you put a piece on how to choose a sewing Machine.

  9. Hello, I hope you got the direct message I sent you. Yes it would be a very g9ood idea to do a video on how to choose your machine.

  10. fastcelt says:

    Thanks for reply, but no sign of "direct message" in my inbox on You Tube.

  11. Hello Isha,
    Thankyou, lots more to come.

  12. Hello Happyflux,
    Have you really made one???? Go on…..send me an image that I can post on the facebook page 'Stitchless Tree' or email me you don't have to be wearing it if you are a bit shy?? Have you seen the Upcycle an old jacket into a tailcoat jacket video, that's easy and looks good!

  13. hi can you sew this shirt by hand

  14. Hello, well yes….but will take ages. But yes in theory it is possible. Let me know if you do have a go by hand as I would love to see it.

  15. welovepies says:

    is the zigzagging doing the same job as an overlocker?

  16. Yes, usually!
    Thankyou for watching. Feel free to ask me any other questions.

  17. Hello Vitoria,
    Thankyou, I'm flattered!

  18. Hello,
    Well you could try, I'd be interested to see it if you do.

  19. Stacy Silva says:

    Hey can u do a vieo

  20. Stacy Silva says:

    A video on how to use a singer simple machine 3223

  21. Gummobear says:

    Ohmygosh. I honestly thought something was wrong with my sewing machine as my string would feel "stuck" at times breaking it, leaving me very frustrated and think I've bought a hopeless machine when in fact, I haven't. Good to know to jiggle the knobby thing a bit.

  22. Hello Stacy,
    Through watching my videos you will learn how to use your machine but I don't just show how to use one specific machine. I have a video on Stitchless TV on how to thread a machine.
    Do you have the handbook? If not, you know you can download them. Just search in google.
    Start with simple projects, like my HOW TO MAKE AN INFINITY SCARF video and make the same thing over and over again but in different fabrics whilst you get familliar with your machine.

  23. Hello Gummobear,
    Glad to be of help. You might also want to check the tension. Should be between 4 and 5.
    Thankyou for watching,

  24. Inês Dias says:

    So much fun! Loved it! You are so right about sewing standing up!

  25. It's just that somehow it makes you work faster and the perspective on your work is better.

  26. momo says:

    thanks you this video is really helpful easy to get what you did thanks

  27. Hello Momo, I'm so glad it has helped you, there's another 2 part Stitchless TV video HOW TO MAKE A T-SHIRT which goes into it in more depth.
    Thankyou for watching,

  28. dlseller says:

    I've been using the back and forth method to lock my stitches but I've recently learned to do it another way. You can set the stitch length to zero at both ends so you stitch in the same place several times. Is this also a good way or is the back and forth method preferable?

  29. Oh yes………..that is a good idea! Thankyou,

  30. Mumu tun says:

    🙂 Cute move!

  31. womensway1 says:

    This video is very helpful and well done……thank you for making it!!!

  32. THE ALIENS ARE COMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. i love your banter, it's adorable. probably because i'm american and your accents are very attractive haha.. but very good video, im learning to sew! 

  34. Bigburd1954 says:

    Absolutely love this show!  You should pitch it as "reality tv" get some celebs to make some of your designs. 

  35. your camera persson sucks

  36. yayaRocks12 says:

    Hey, can you make a tutorial showing how to make shirts using the measuring paper thing that you can buy to make shirts? Like the measurement paper? I can't find any tutorial on it and I'm kinda a beginner but I wanna make my own shirt. Can you post one soon please? 

  37. After buying a sewing machine, and attempting and failing at really simple things, this video has totally given me hope and I'm going to try again. I love how simple and beginner-friendly it is! 

  38. Sylvia Sosa says:

    Did your friend have a pattern? I love the shape.

  39. jazzeyt123 says:

    This was the easiest vid I could find on how to do a neck line, thanks so much, I'm subscribing !!!

  40. najia samah says:

    What does null mean?

  41. Cheryl64014 says:

    Love your show, and thank you for sharing your talent. The camera work, however, is very shaky, moves way too much, and moves in and out unnecessarily and too quickly. Maybe the camera person could please try to correct that. Again, regardless, you are incredibly talented and generous. Thank you for sharing with us.

  42. Nunya Binis says:

    That is a really pretty fabric.

  43. Rekha Sharma says:

    Good to see this vedio

  44. Zion Queen says:

    What is the make of the machine?

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