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December 14, 2016
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December 14, 2016

We’re going to chat about sewing for beginners! I’m covering a review on my sewing machine, tips for buying a sewing machine, basic sewing supplies, and finally some tutorials that will show you how to get started. This video is not sponsored.

Here’s links to the sewing machines and basic supplies:
*no part of this video is sponsored

Here’s my beginner videos:

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  1. hellodean says:

    Wendy the Amazon description says the singer 4423 is meant to be used in Canada and in the US only? Small South American me was really sad. Is that a thing? Xx

  2. Maja N says:

    Do you have any advice for pre-treating/washing fabrics? I bought a woven wool fabric, might be a mix, and I'd rather not risk it shrinking when I wash it after sewing, lol.

  3. Janu a says:

    Nice introduction can u tell me which machine support chain stitch as I'm interested in embroidery

  4. NotMykl says:

    I use my Mom's 1970s era sewing machine; it has about 18 built in stitches and I think about a dozen fancy stitches on drop-in cog wheels. I seized the motor and had to get it fixed – not quite sure how I did it but if you're going to do something stupid make it spectacular and blood free – now it works better than ever.

  5. Kayla Keng says:

    Hey Wendy!! You inspired me to start sewing and I just wanna thank you because well you're awesome!! ?

  6. princylady1 says:

    "I will be yo mama" ? Thanks Ma!

  7. Thank you for being our sewing mama!

  8. Hi Wendy! is it possible can you make a clear cover for the sowing machine! it could be simple. thank for your videos they are really helpful?

  9. julia Ortiz says:

    it looks like. you. are. a. realy. nice. person. (love your videos <3)

  10. I'm brand new to sewing and your videos are so helpful! Do you have a video about how to choose the right needle and thread for certain fabrics? I've heard that having the wrong needle or thread can cause the fabric to pucker as you sew. I'm interested in sewing jersey and velvet and I want to make sure I choose the right needle and thread.

  11. I cant see the supplies list??? ?

  12. Isabella says:

    You are my momma now :3

  13. Cee1505 says:

    I love my Singer 4423!  I'm glad you suggested it as a good lower cost machine.

  14. If you're low on cash you can also check thrift stores or second-hand shops for sewing machine. The machines they have may not be the newest but they will still work.

  15. I kinda like u) great videos

  16. akleee11 says:

    Haha "I will be yo mama"
    Just started watching your videos Wendy! My mom recently taught me how to use the sewing machine but she can't really teach me certain tips on how to make actual clothes. Excited to keep watching you!!

  17. Darcy Kahler says:

    I used to sew on my mom's Singer sewing machine a million years ago. I'd like to get into sewing again, but a lot of clothes seem to need a serging machine. Is it better to get one of those?

  18. I am laughing so hard. I wanted a sewing machine for a while but broke 2 cheap ones. My husband told me to find one I like for Christmas. I actually bought the singer about a week ago. I am hoping I can't break this one.

  19. I have the brother project runnway and love it very much. I was lucky to find mine gently for $75, but I would buy it new if I could do it over againl, I think its a reasonably priced machine new I think it's around $150? it's super easy to use

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