Sewing for Beginners, How to Sew a Shirt, Part 2

How to make a diy ruffle sleeve with open bow back (bridesmaid dress idea!) VIDEO
May 17, 2017
How to Sew a Mitred Corner
May 18, 2017

Sewing for Beginners, How to Sew a Shirt, Part 2. Transferring Markings, Interfacing. PDF Sewing Patterns from

Learn Sewing with me. Follow my How To Sew Tutorials for Beginners.

Sewing Patterns and Sewing eBooks for Novice Sewers and the more experienced seamstress.



  1. Sabi K. says:

    Schön gemacht, weiter so

  2. cece escobar says:

    You have one of the most tranquil voices. I love it. And I love how you explain that the marking are to indicate the front and the back. I did not know that. Thank you. And I will be buying one of those rulers I just did not know how to use it. But it makes total sence now.

  3. Chrysanths says:

    There were a lot of sewing techniques in this lesson. I'm very happy to learn them! Thank you so much Angela.

  4. boiboivan says:

    I love prom dress. Could you please teach how to sew it one day. Thanks so much.

  5. dBGMEISTER says:

    You are truly amazing at what you do! I really have no experience whatsoever with sewing and I just bought my first sewing machine to be able to tailor my own clothes! Thanks for your guides, they are super good and really helped me a lot! Do you do request videos as well?

  6. Very nice, can u please teach me how to cut a female long shirt and how to sew

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