Sewing for beginners: How to easily line a bodice with a zip

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July 8, 2017
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July 9, 2017

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I’m wearing: Mimi Blouse by Tilly and the Buttons, New Look 6231 Jeans. I didn’t sew my cardi, it’s from H&M!


Dress pattern used: Lisette 1419

To see other versions of this dress I have sewn:

Fabric Haul featuring this Octopus fabric:

Buy this organic octopus fabric from Cotton and Steel:



  1. 23456JY says:

    i love this video!!!! would love more of such content!!! wonderful!

  2. HeartPlant says:

    Totally in love with the fabric! Tutorial was really well done 😊 thank you!

  3. WOW! So funny! I went to look at the website for where you got that adorable pattern, and saw that the company is located right next to my house! Small world, watching a youtuber from the UK and finding a store in Torrance, California.

  4. Thank you, help me a lot! xxoo from Brazil

  5. nice video but what to do if i want to attach sleeves with the same?

  6. lyncol57 says:

    Hi, Was wondering if you could or if you have already done a video on a lined bodice with buttons at the back and buttonholes Many thanks in advance

  7. Emma Kenyon says:

    Really have no clue how to do the zip. I think I've done it wrong because I did the zip before the lining. Never done a zip before, and it's for my GCSE coursework as well 😬

  8. Hi thank you for the great video. However would like to see a video with you attaching sleeves and the bottoms skirt as well with lining. I have a dress I am looking to make in cotton fabric but not sure what fabric to use to line it. I had bought polycotton but now looking at your video I am keen to know which fabric you have used to line your cotton dress?
    It's always very intimidating when it comes to lining. I have not yet made a garment that is lined so a detailed video would be very helpful! Thanks xx

  9. Sarah Yates says:

    Thankyou so much I now know what to do .

  10. Poppy Noir says:

    Love your videos so much, they are very clear and helpful for me, thank you so much for it! You mentioned under stitching, how does that work? Is it possible to make a video about it, I have no idea how this works. Most of the time I use top stitching.

  11. Cindy Lou says:

    Loved your video. Instructions were very clear. I only used it to figure out how to turn the bodice with the lining, once I figured out which seems I needed to sew. Thank you.

  12. Sally Frost says:

    Thank you! This video was amazing and easy to follow. More please!!

  13. Tiff G says:

    Beautiful dress and awesome tutorial! It was simple and very easy to follow. I look forward to seeing more of them.

  14. Thanks so much for very clear and simple instructionsxxx

  15. your explaination clearly thanks i understand god bless you a million times

  16. how you cut the bodies

  17. very good video and well explanations..thank you so much..😊

  18. anna lamb says:

    Hay Rosa,  I adore this octopus frock, the fabric is fun & funky.  XX

  19. Lisa Masters says:

    So helpful – thank you!

  20. Bev McMullen says:

    Lovely tutorial, thank you.

  21. very helpful I would like to know how to sew a lining to a centred zip thank you

  22. msj0856 says:

    Another great video! Please do a video attaching a skirt. This is my favorite type of dress 😊😊

  23. Mrs O says:

    Thank you so much Rosie for taking the time to do this. Beautifully spoken and explained and a perfect finish xx

  24. Janet Faust says:

    Your floor is awesome! Great video, too. You are a good teacher.

  25. Monette T says:

    What a great tutorial! Thanks for taking the fear out of lining for me and I absolutely love how you encased the zipper in the lining, the finish is beautiful, exactly what I am going for. Please keep the videos coming.

  26. Sew Russia says:

    I love this tutorial. It really helped me with creating a lined bodice. Do you have one on how to attach the skirt?

  27. Wonderful tutorial. Thank you

  28. klvlj says:

    Thank you so much for this tutorial ! Ive always had no idea how to line my outfits especially because I only knew how to finish necklines and arm holes with bias tape. This tutorial was very in depth. Thank you once again!

  29. berenicesue says:

    sorry but please explain in more detail how you used the lining with the invisible zip. i am afraid I didn't understand that at all! probably me! thankyou for your tutorial. love all your videos.

  30. martha says:

    Thanks. It was very clear. Do you have a video about how to sew the skirt to a lining bodice? If no, would you do one, please?

  31. Nicola Kemp says:

    What kind of material do you use for your lining? It looks like a cotton broadcloth??

  32. Hi Rosa. Love this tutorial, you have an excellent knack of teaching and explaining! Please more of the same especially a tutorial of attaching a skirt and also how to add the sleeves ( unlined ) to a lined dress. Would love it! xx

  33. Ada Ma says:

    thank u so much u explained very clearly

  34. Sandy Heller says:

    Thank you so much for this tutorial. You made it look so easy!!!

  35. This is just too beautiful. I'm so grateful for this video. It was clearly explained. New subbie right here!

  36. This is very helpful. Thank you! ❤️

  37. Mirjam Grimm says:

    I have seen others also only line the bodice, not the skirt, is there a special reason for that?Love the video

  38. More instructions on how to add the zip would have been good, I got totally lost and gave up

  39. That was OUTSTANDING, again. Thank you, again.

  40. Such pretty dress 👗. I wish you would show how to sew pattern dress New Look 6094. I would love ❤️ to see that in video tutorial. Thanks!!

  41. Wow, this tutorial is exactly what I needed! Also I am in love with the pins you use with the hearts on them.

  42. R Paul says:

    Very helpful. I would love to see a video showing the next step, attaching the skirt, and how the bodice lining is treated in that step. Thanks

  43. Kay Sannini says:

    Hi there! Just wanted to say thank you so much for this tutorial I made my first dress last month, an Emery Dress made from vintage Thomas The Tank Engine curtains and followed your tutorial to make and line the bodice. It was fantastic so clear and helpful like having a sewing teaching in the room! I was so happy with how it turned out (picture on my Instagram feed). Can I just ask how do you line a dress that has sleeves? Xx

  44. wonderful tutorial pls can you do the skirt part

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