Sewing for Beginners – Basic Sewing Techniques – Part 1

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December 13, 2016
Sewing Cleo: Sizing + Fitting
December 13, 2016

Sewing for Beginners. The basics of sewing. Part 1 – Go to Part 2

Everything you need to know to get started. If you have never used a sewing machine before, watch this video and you will soon be Making all your Own Clothes.

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  1. Ferrah Qhan says:

    Aaaaaah! Such a relief to see ur vedios for beginners. It was a gr8 vedio….but what is a dart exactly?

  2. Crystal C says:

    Thank you for this video. I purchased a sewing machine and set up my sewing room. I am so excited to get started.

  3. thank you for the beginner videos

  4. ms kane, are you the UN High Representative for Disarmament Affairs and former[1] Under-Secretary-General for Management in the United Nations?

  5. iluvmusic375 says:

    These videos are fantastic! So well produced & very helpful.

  6. khanhhogland says:

    Where did you get your fabrics in this video?

  7. Irene Febry says:

    Lovely video! I wanted to learn sewing with machine but it seemed so difficult! Your easy and simple video makes it less intimidating to learn. Thank you!

  8. Paula Brown says:

    This is such a great getting started video. I have a little experience but have learnt everything through trial end error so this has been really useful. I'll be watching many more and have already subscribed! thank you so much :-)

  9. Bump688 says:

    Great to see some sewing videos for beginners, thank you for caring.  I note you use the word  "raw edge",  I am a beginner and I do wonder if "raw edge" means, the edge that has been cut.?

  10. Thanks for this post.  I do like to sew and also design but remain clueless owing to school choices — cookery or needlework.  Now I plan to get started .

  11. An excellent video with an optimum amount of detail that makes it easy to listen, watch and learn. Perhaps the best made tutorial I've seen, it makes me want to get sewing! Well worth the preparation, thank you.

  12. GGsooutthere says:

    When i sew, if i dont move the fabric fast enough it tends to get caught in the machine or the machine gets clogged up with the thread. Is this something normal with new sewers? How am I suppose to sew so the thread won't get tangled in the machine or so I won't ruin my fabric. Please someone help me.

  13. Rosa Barache says:

    I just had to subscribe!!
    I will definitely go and do a course in dressmaking!
    thanks much! Can't wait to see your other videos!

  14. Pls I need to know how to cut a dress first before sewing

  15. Gracias, muchas gracias eres hermosa por compartir tu técnica con nosotros. Estamos agradecidos.

  16. Solunastra says:

    I've been wondering how you begin when you stitch by hand. And do I make the string doubled or just one string. And last, what do you do after you have cut the string from the sewing machine? I always find it hard to try a normal knot afterward. Can someone answer some of my questions?

  17. I have subscribed to your site and think you are an amazing teacher. You have a very pleasant manner and simplify a difficult trade. I am a male sewer who has been trying to master the needle trade for a long time.. I would love to see some patterns guided toward men's fashions. How about it Angela?

  18. Oh wow your channel looks amazing. I do sew, but really very basic sewing.. and have never been brave enough to try and make clothes!

  19. Fairy Lauren says:

    Thank you so much….love you tutorial…. gbu

  20. you helped me so much you inspired me

  21. Kaio Ogbor says:

    i am so glad to see your channel. I am a beginner and I hope to lear watching your video. thanks

  22. I would listen to you explaining anything. I adore the accent.
    This is an amazing resource. Thank you for posting this.

  23. hallecats says:

    What does 'shorten the stitch' mean?

  24. Vanessa L says:

    Thank you sooo much for the video! I am just starting out and I needed a very simple explanation of the basic things. That was great! I like to clear way of you expressing yourself and I really look forward to watch more of your videos! Greetings from Germany! Izzy

  25. This video will certainly make viewers excited to start sewing. Thank you and God bless. :-)

  26. may god continue to bless u and your family thank u so much for your videos u are awesome

  27. adwa khalid says:

    hi angela, would you recommend Singer 2273 for sewing underwear, shirts and cami tops?
    also, im interested in silks, cotton, and knit fabrics so I was wondering if the machine would work well with those?
    thank you in advance! xo

  28. Swoopy ™ says:

    Angela, do you have a video on cutting? I can never cut straight….

  29. mbahuddy0 says:

    pls did u hv online class. pls get back to me. thanks

  30. This was interesting to watch even though I am far from being a beginner.
    One thing I do differently, is always insert the pins with the heads sticking out over the edge of the fabric. That way I can see the pin easily no matter which way I turn the piece.

  31. This is great! thanks!

  32. omar ziyad says:

    good luck

  33. This is so brilliant, thank you so much for this video! ♥

  34. I found this extremely useful. It's good to 'brush up' on techniques every few months. thank you. Patrick UK,

  35. Thanks Angela. this tutorial is very useful

  36. I am looking forward to learning how to sew with your help! I love the fabrics in this video, especially the two designs in 2:02. Where did you buy them?

  37. I would like to know about the bust darts. Should they be drawn straight or slanting from the side seam to the apex for a blouse?

  38. Awesome video!!! Thank you so much! I learned to sew in Jr. High School about 40 years ago and just bought a sewing machine the other day and picked it right back up! I still remember so much! This tutorial is a blessing!!!!! Thank you!

  39. erk goat says:

    very helpful! concise information, very clear delivery, i even love the clean aesthetic of this video!

  40. erk goat says:

    how come you can pass through the pin cushions? the other night my needle broke agter hitting a pin cushion.

  41. Victor M. says:

    What a helpful video! Thank you very much .

  42. Victor M. says:

    What a helpful video! Thank you very much .

  43. HearThis says:

    thanks for your video, you are encouraging me to start sewing again

  44. Rose Lopez says:


  45. MC MC says:

    How do you go reverse??

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