Vintage Sewing Ideas: Free Patterns Roundup
February 28, 2017
DIY ruffle bell sleeve top refashion from men’s dress shirt
March 1, 2017

In this video, I teach you how to use your machine for an easy project; potholders make great gifts and can save you money by using your scrap fabrics up for needed household items. You can even make oven mitts, pillow covers, seat cushions, barstool covers, and place mats, once you learn to sew the basic stitch needed to make and machine quilt a pot holder. Let me know below how you liked the tutorial. Blessings!



  1. miz sterious says:

    These are fantastic!! Great Great gifting ideas, just love them all!

  2. miz sterious says:

    Are you going to show the pillow covers? Love the pillow!

  3. I have missed you, Janie. I still have my first sewing machine that I bought for $130 and had a garage sale to earn the money. I inherited my a $2,000 Viking machine that I am scared to death of. I can do a hem and that is about it but it is a goal of mine to learn to see fluently. This is a great turorial and I would love to see more.

  4. Cheeky Saver says:

    Where are the best places to get fabric deals? LOL I have a el-cheapo sewing machine I should be using more. I am waiting on the calcium carbonate I ordered to make some chalked paint out of regular paint. My place is getting a makeover as well… one piece at a time, on a budget.

  5. ohio67 says:

    Love to watch you sew! You are a lady with many talents! I can't wait to see all of the changes you made in your home. I am sure it will be beautiful! I love the pot holder.

  6. Lea Williams says:

    This is beautiful. I have scraps that I was wondering what to do with, I'm new to sewing so I was unsure what to do with my scraps. Thank you again. I just got done making rice packs for heat and ice packs for our families.

  7. Thank you for this. I do a lot of stuff; canning, furniture restoration, cooking, painting, crafts, gardening etc., but just couldn't sew lol. I tried several times and always messed up. I think it's time I try again.

  8. S.I. G. says:

    Janie, you are truly inspiring and encouraging to people, but especially women. I discovered your videos at just the right time in my life last October. I sent a private message to you on Facebook sharing a little of my thanks to you. If you haven't been able to open it , I can resend it to an email if provided. Thank you. Hey. I am a YWAMMER from back in the early 1980's!! I heard you mention that on an earlier video about Johns son. Love the potholder.

  9. starr. curry says:

    love the video's, have an old sewing machine given to me and thanks to you, will take the plunger and go for some custom projects. looking froward to the review!

  10. Just Wonderful…Love your site…:)

  11. Just found your site today…so glad i did….

  12. Maniac Mom says:

    I love it and yes i would love to have you continue to do sewing or crafts thank you.

  13. Hi there, I am so glad I found you on here, I love watching your videos and now I am going to work on my own quilted potholders. I have learned a lot from watching you do what you do, thanks so much for sharing your knowledge.

  14. I love it.  Is it possible that you have made a tutorial on how to repurpose a lamp shade with fabric? I want to make my nephew a camo lamp shade. I can paint the base. You have such a elementary way of explaining for novice like me.

  15. Shelly Reddy says:

    Thank you so much Janie for sharing your video, I am from England and am loving watching your channel. You are both so warm, loving, kind and your relationship with God is beautiful and serves as an inspiration to others. Blessings, big hugs and smiles to you both from me here in the UK 🙂

  16. So when you do the finishing work…pretty sure you called it quilting…there isn't a need to backstitch? Sorry I'm new (Fargo, North Dakota, USA) and get my first machine tomorrow,which is a Singer also. It didn't cost anywhere near $2,000 as you remarked! Thanks for the lesson

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