Sewing + Basic Sewing Essentials (for beginners)

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December 20, 2016
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December 20, 2016


  1. Min T says:

    You have the best videos everrrr! Thanks for the tips :P

  2. Nonacoholics says:

    What type of iron is it? It looks mini and convenient. i went to store but they only have the normal one :(

  3. Ahh yes I'm hooked! 😀 I am also getting really into sewing and making my own clothes! This video was so helpful. Thank you!

  4. Your music reminds me of Adventure Time :3

  5. itsBernie says:

    OMG loved this video,so helpful! 😀 subscribed 😛 🙂 just curious what do you use for editing?

  6. i_lioness 97 says:

    Great video, I love it!!
    But I'm so hooked to the music you used!
    May I ask what it is? Again, keep up the good work! :)

  7. Valyn Tropia says:

    Thanks for the tutorial – it makes since to show the examples as to why we need certain items… Thank you and the music is fun and the ideas are simple…

  8. Can you make a tour for all of your dresses? It would be great if you do for new subscribers like us <3

  9. hello,thank you so much for your videos and for the work you put into it. you helped me a lot, since I am a seamstress

  10. i own all of them…

    except for the machine itself. ?

  11. Do you usually prewash your fabric before sewing?

  12. tumelo918 says:

    Perfect thank you, I have most of the items, I notice you do not have a overlocker would you recommend buying this for a beginner? x

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