Sewing 101: Essentials (Designer Kit)

Mmm, Pumpkin Pie
December 11, 2016
Understitching, edgestitching, and topstitching
December 11, 2016

||Watch in HD for better quality|| Tools that I think every seamstress need in their sewing kit.. Whether you are a beginner or advanced….
Sorry for the horrible lighting.. my yellow light bulbs was giving me all types of sunny sunshine on the side of my face lol… It was the only light I had since it was gloomy/raining outside 🙁
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  1. I liked how you always mentioned the budget route. I need to update my sewing kit. It's all just in a plastic bag I got from a comic book store. And it's just sad and messy and I've been avoiding it.

    But this video got me pumped to start fixing it 😀 thanks! 

  2. Do you a dress form? If so where did you buy it from?

  3. crystal rose says:

    great video… I like the fact that you showed inexpensive options for most things… 

  4. This was so helpful thank you xx love your videos

  5. ColorMeNasty says:

    Can you make a video on how to draft a bodice from scratch. Please. 

  6. Jessikah C says:

    Yep! Here for this! ? I make mostly dancer clothing,looking to be successful with it in this good 2015. #randomasscomment 

  7. MAGE says:

    Can you sew clothes without using a sewing machine??

  8. MAGE says:

    Can you sew clothes without using a sewing machine??

  9. genay nelson says:

    love love love your makeup here :)

  10. Dinah Ewing says:

    (applauding) @ storage box…love it

  11. s y says:

    This was very informative….do you have any videos on the different types of stitches on sewing machines ?I'm a beginner and don't really know what stitch to use or length when making clothing pieces 

  12. nice scissors but dang $60.00 for some scissors an i was looking for the old school scissors that you have thats what i call them there really good tho. Great video. Love your channel.

  13. monikita777 says:

    Nice video. Thanks for the suggestions. You are so sweet and funny 🙂 I just subscribed. Looking forward to looking at the other tutorials :)

  14. Lee H says:

    good vid 🙂 I have a similar pin cushion, they're so cute :)

  15. Ché Moni says:

    Thanks so much! This was very helpful!

  16. Dana Acton says:

    Hey. Love the video. I am currently prepping for a beginner's sewing machine class, and I can't seem to decide on what kind of over all storage box/bag to buy to carry all of my stuff to and from class…?? Any recommendations? Thanks!

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