Sew an Envelope Pillow Cover: Beginner

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December 18, 2016
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December 18, 2016

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New Tutorial! Sew an Envelope Pillow Cover!

This video shows you all the steps to make and sew your own envelope pillow case cover. All the measurements are below for standard pillow forms.

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Here is a link to this fabric. Premier Prints ZigZag in Storm

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  1. Megan Foster says:

    So helpful, thank you!!

  2. Elyse Hazel says:

    Thanks so much for this tutorial!! I just made 3 for my dorm room. I modified it a little bit by adding applique triangles to the front, it made it look professional and intricate, despite being very simple! Thanks again!

  3. Didn't tell the size of the two shot pieces just that it was 15 " as the first piece

  4. Lavender Sky says:

    what are the measurements for the other 2 pieces?

  5. tiamarie09 says:

    Thanks for the tutorial! I needed to replace some nasty worn pillows that were left behind (with a really nice, new couch!) when we bought our house, and I couldn't stand to look at them anymore! Ratty, shredded fabric is now a nice, clean, crisp geometric pattern-using Red Tag fabric from Joanns- and they look amazing! And super easy! Thanks!

  6. Jo Mower says:

    Can I make this pillow cover using fleece material?

  7. renee2060 says:

    you didn't say the measurements for the back pieces? They must be larger than the front since they overlap

  8. Rita Brown says:

    Great tutorial. Loved it. Can you give me the measurements I need in fabric for a 12" X 16" Pillow form? Also, how many yards did you use for the 14" x 14" pillow form?

  9. Rita Brown says:

    What size did you cut the back pieces on this envelope pillow cover? I am covering a 12" x 16" pillow so my front piece would be 13" x 17" but not sure what to cut the two back pieces. Thanks so much.

  10. I can't believe how professional-looking my pillow turned out!!! Thanks for the tutorial!

  11. For all of you asking back piece measurements: if you click on "more", then click on her blog, the instructions for figuring out your back pieces are there. Basically is your front piece is 16X16, your back pieces will be 16X12 (each). You take the 16", add 8 then divide answer by 2 to get measurement of each back piece. Hope that helps.

  12. I looove this! Thanks for sharing!

  13. setareh says:

    tank you very very very much

  14. my daughter is doing this for a home ec class. the measurements of the pillow she has are 14 x 27 in. Can you do this style of pocket pillow with that size? Could you give me those measurements?

  15. Aditi Arora says:

    how much cloth piece do we need to buy?

  16. Very simple, thank you so much!

  17. I like the fact that you reinforce each corner, and I would also backstitch over each end of the opening so that stitches are more secure when the pillow is taken in or out.

  18. Giap Lofgren says:

    Hi there…what was the dimensions for the 2 smaller pieces?

  19. Kim Bates says:

    Great tutorial. I have always wanted to freshen up my couch cushions and now I know how.

  20. Melanie, thank you for such a great tutorial, I followed your instructions and my envelope pillow cover turned out perfect. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

  21. Matthew Ward says:

    If I machine applique a letter to the pillow, do I do this first? or make the pillow first then appliqué the letter on?

  22. tobuslieven says:

    How come cutting the corners doesn't leave a hole there? I thought the corner of the cushion filler would poke through but it looks fine, how does that work? edit Oh I see, you cut the corner near to the seam but not going over it, got it : ) nice video, cheers.

  23. Jo Wiggins says:

    My pillow insert says 20×20. Do you measure with a tape over the puff of it to get the fabric amount?

  24. Jodie Abbs says:

    Do you have measurements for a 20" x20" pillow cover

  25. Dee Jacks says:

    Thanks for the tutorial. Very easy"

  26. Can I use this tecnique on 20 x 20 x 4 for chair cushion or do I need band in the middle for foam?

  27. Hi Melanie, Great video! I've made several pillows following your video which all came out great! I'm making another to cover an older pillow. Would you ever cover over another cover? Dot

  28. ditz55mj says:

    Thank you. Very detailed explanation but very simple. It worked. Thank you Melanie. I even did it on my mother's 70 yrs..old sewing machine, which is what I grew up with using, and inherited. She was watching over me.

  29. its a very vvvvvv.good and super duper easy cushion cover making tutorial.

  30. Thanks: I will try this out! :)

  31. You need another iron board, yikes!

  32. great video. whats the deal with your ironing board?

  33. Where is the Description box??! Can't seem to find it!

  34. There is no description box that I can see. How do I get to the details for different size pillows?

  35. Katie Brown says:

    Hi Melanie, Thank you for the excellent, easy to follow tutorial. My husband has given me my first sewing machine for Christmas and I am very excited to start beginner friendly projects. I have to convert all the measurements to metric because I am in Australia so am using a little artistic license when it comes to that. Thank you again. Your tutorials are excellent. Please keep them coming.

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