Running belt, travel belt or money belt with pouch- FREE pattern & tutorial

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May 27, 2017
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running beltHere’s a pattern for a running belt with pockets and an elasticized adjustable strap so you can tailor it to any waist size.  This pouch could also be called a money belt, travel belt or sports belt.  Place the pouch on your front or back and cover it with a T-shirt and no one will know it is there.  There is enough room for a big phone, money, keys and even coins.  Keep your valuables safe while at the gym, jogging or traveling.

money belt

I have come up with a new scheme for making excuses not to exercise.  My gym wear does not have enough pockets.  That’s it!  When I am in the gym, I worry about my phone, the locker key, the earphones, and money.  The thing is that all these items plus the towel leave me with the annoying habit of picking and dropping my small baggage every time I change machines.  How annoying!  I guess I could put all that in the locker and concentrate on doing a workout, but nothing is more boring to me than repeating a motion in 3 sets, just to move to another machine and do the same.  So, I need music to avoid quitting within the first 30 minutes of my workout.  The funny part of this scheme is that I have begun to avoid walking the dog too.  And guess why? Again, I don’t have enough pockets…  I need a change of attitude, so this new pattern is the way I’m going to do it!

Fabric scraps are ideal for this project. Probably the best fabric for this project is nylon taffeta rated at 190T.  I can only dream getting my hands on this though where I live.  You may have better luck.  By the way, this is Pattern #6 in our New Workout Wardrobe series.

travel belt

If you’re planning to do some traveling this summer, this money belt would not only help keep you most important valuables safe (passport, ID, credit cards, cash, phone) but would make a great accompaniment to an Anti-Pickpocket Bag.


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  • Sewing machine
  • Thread
  • Zipper foot
  • Fabric pencil or Frixion pen

Skill Level:

Confident Beginner:  must know how to attach bias tape and follow instructions.

Pattern layout


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