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April 5, 2017
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April 6, 2017

In our Quilting for Beginners Lesson, Jennie Rayment shows us how to cut strips, cut squares, half square triangles and quarter square triangles.
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  1. This is one of the most information I have learned in this tutorial, what looks so inapproachable in quilting is explained in plain English, Jenny is an EXCELLENT instructor, so glad for this Craft Academy tutorial.

  2. Thank you both! This is so helpful. Can I ask a very rookie question though? Do you pre-wash all your fabrics?

  3. Amazing tutorial! Thank you ladies!

  4. Excellent video!! Thank you….

  5. Mindy Flint says:

    love this video. You ladies answered so many of my questions.

  6. RUTH COHEN says:

    Magic!!!! And more! MAGICK!!!!! Thank you so much for being such an amazing teacher!!!!

  7. Thank you. Very informative.

  8. Kimberly B says:

    Wow! I'm a beginner. This is, indeed, the best beginner's video lesson I have seen on YouTube. Thanks ladies!

  9. montyloree says:

    these ladies are really good at what they do!!

  10. lillyfun says:

    I found it very helpful. My mom said you don't need those fancy tools.(how do you think they did it in the old days?)

  11. Penny Craig says:

    I'm feeling just a little less intimidated by the whole thing – thanks!

  12. I am new to quilting & this video answered so many questions. I especially love the idea of using the scrap of fabric as a thread saver as you sew. I'm sure my grandmother would have loved all the new quilting notions available these days. Learned a lot from your video, thanks!

  13. "A 6" square is half a 12" square". Er, no it isn't…

  14. This square patch work is what I want to do now, I also want to put names on this with brith dates before I do free motion lines and so on the blanket would this be possible to do?????

  15. Donna Richey says:

    Can you cut 5 inch squares thru multiple layers instead one at a time?

  16. Rehana Haq says:

    it is one of the easiest and clear video I learned much more great teacher great job of explanation how to get started l real y appreciated. you thanks

  17. I see that you don't use your cutting mat with your rulers to keep your sides straight. How do you know that your material has a straight edge?

  18. PeskyRaven says:

    Found a new favorite channel. Thank you so much. Also those quilts in the background are simply art at its finest.

  19. Ruth Laakso says:

    Must you wash the fabric first? Must you always use 100% cotton?

  20. This is a great, easy to follow video for a very new quilter. I think other commenters are a bit harsh about the other woman interrupting her. I think her role is hostess, which is to keep the topic on track and such. The instructor did a thorough job on the skills, despite that.

  21. Very useful to me as a complete beginner. …ty

  22. beanie green says:

    why do you keep talking while we are being taught by an expert? It kills the chain of instruction. STOP STOP STOP TALKING over the instructor!

  23. BeYou4You says:

    why are you both talking over each other? Makes it confusing to follow.

  24. Loved the video but both ladies drove me bonkers talking over each other. I wonder if they look back at the video and realise how off putting it is. Loved the video very informative but difficult at times to follow due to this one issue.

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