DIY Tote Bag – Beginner’s Sewing Tutorial
December 15, 2016
Beginners Sewing Course – Day 2 – Fabric Preparation
December 15, 2016

Happy (belated) new year, y’all!

2015 was quite the blur. Mine started and ended with a house renovation and we are finally finished! In this photo from two months ago was the first time my kitchen looked like a kitchen after many months of having no floor right down to the dirt.

my kitchen reno in progress | Cloth Habit

Have you been through a reno? Once you pull the string on one, oy, does it keep unravelling. What started out as a simple kitchen idea turned into changing the foundation piers under the house, ripping out 80 years of plumbing, re-wiring, ripping out two walls… and of course redesigning my sewing workroom to a space I loved.

The thing that nobody tells you about renovations–whether you do it yourself or as we did with a contractor–is that the actual work isn’t as tiresome as the onslaught of decision-making. Decision exhaustion is a thing! I knew I got there when choices over period-appropriate door plates kept me up at night.

So of course I needed distractions that had nothing to do with my business or my house, like…


I want to knit all the things!

I bought my first ball of yarn in November and I’m gobbling up everything I can learn about knitting. It’s rejuvenated my excitement in making things and been a great de-stresser in the evenings (and I’ll admit, in the mornings too).

After my hat I started in on this seed stitch cowl pattern from Purl Soho…

Purl Soho's gradient seed stitch cowl | Cloth Habit

It’s fairly mindless knitting once you get into a rhythm, and seed stitch is an awesome pattern for getting comfortable with both knits and purls as a beginner. But boy, is it lonng, and I had to force myself not to start other projects so I could actually finish this before the short Austin winter disappears!

Meanwhile I couldn’t get enough of sock patterns, and got a bit feverish collecting them on Ravelry. It makes sense the bra making lover would dig knitting little things, right? This is my first pair, knitted from a wool silk sportweight yarn, because… silk.

first pair of knitted socks | Cloth Habit

This is the first of several pairs I started while holiday traveling. [Grins sheepishly at all the little knitted toes I’ve collected…] We were squeezed into the back middle row of economy for both international flights so having something to do with my hands was a relief!

I want to knit all the socks | Cloth Habit

Bra Making

I’ve been hinting here and there about a new pattern. I don’t have a firm release date but I can tell you that it’s nearly done and all I need is some space to round out the instructions. In the meantime, I’ve been playing around with some personal patterns for myself.

t-shirt bra experiments| Cloth Habit

I’m on a quest to perfect a basic t-shirt bra, which two years ago I swore I’d never make. Then my stash of store bought t-shirt bras started wearing out. The bras I make last longer than they do, so I knew it was time to conquer the thing that I call the “fall back bra”. And I’m pretty close to getting the fit and feel I want. Sometimes it takes a few tries! Stay tuned for more thoughts on making t-shirt bras…


Annnd… I’m excited to announce that I’ll be teaching at this year’s Camp Workroom Social! Want to join me for an intensive weekend of bra making next October?

Copyright 2015 Esvy Photography
Copyright 2015 Esvy Photography

It’s going be be a blast of a weekend of camping and making, with courses in sewing, knitting, surface design, and fitting. Registration is open, and there are still some spots left in my class. I’ll be writing more about Camp next week so you can get a feel for what it’s all about!

Now back to packing and getting ready to move… Happy weekend!

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