New Sewing Machine And First Projects (Beginner/Novice)

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April 17, 2017
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April 18, 2017

I bought my first ever sewing machine yesterday (12 Sept. 2012) so I thought I’d show you all how pretty it is and the things I’ve attempted so far.

All help and comments welcome x



  1. I love this video!! This is about how I will be , I just got my own sewing machine and pretty excited to try this out. I wont feel so bad if I make a few mistakes.. but your projects aren't too bad! Cute video. Thanks 🙂

  2. Dee Phillips says:

    U have nice voice crafty Gemini is cool I just got my own machine n my projects were messed up too.

  3. cocoabean321 says:

    First of all, I LOVE your accent! It is adorable! Kudos to you on your first project, I'm impressed! I'm looking to buying a sewing machine and am getting started myself (I also have not sewn anything in about 10 years). I love the wallet, I think that's great for your first product!! 🙂

  4. April Sowell says:

    Love your accent !!!!!! What a pretty machine…I also haven't sewn in years..
    Oh and your son is such a cutie…

  5. Tygerlady99 says:

    Hi! Your video was very entertaining!! I am also a beginner. Kudos to you for showing your 1st projects – I am not as brave! I enjoy the Crafty Gemini projects & managed to make the boxed zippered pouch. Also TRIED to make the pencil pouch and failed miserably twice (re-opening stitches, etc). I have put that aside until I gather myself to try it again. I just look on youtube for sewing ideas for beginners and save them. I am working on a pin cushion now. Good luck with your future projects!! (:

  6. cristallee02 says:

    Lol u make me smile but I am also a beginner & recommend u do more videos seeing how this video was done in 2012. Hopefully u have tips & other usefull info for us beginners here 🙂

  7. cristallee02 says:

    Lol u make me smile but I am also a beginner & recommend u do more videos seeing how this video was done in 2012. Hopefully u have tips & other usefull info for us beginners here 🙂

  8. sherrlon says:

    I get my new sewing machine this week and I am so excited. I am going to try a pencil box and an apron. I am scared because I am horrible at keeping straight lines so I am sure my first stuff is going to be very very crooked! I would be curious if you still sew or if you got bored?

  9. Love The Crafty Gemini, too. Just keep trying. You'll get better.

  10. Rita Boop says:

    This is the cutest vid 🙂 Your son is aadorable too (:

  11. I think you did a great job!!! I do love the fabrics you chose.. Keep sewing!!!

  12. The wallet is really good! Expecaily for somebody who haven't sewn in 15 year

  13. I love this you are so funny thanks for sharing with us.
    I have been learning how to sew for over a year now but I have never done a button hole or a zipper lol you are brave to try them

  14. brenda rader says:

    I think you are a real delight….you did a very good job….I myself do not sew but I quilt….quilting to me is so different … I am trying to teach myself to sew….well, its been bout two years since you posted this…im curious to know now what else you've made…

  15. monikita777 says:

    Oh my gosh!!! What an inspiration you are 🙂 .. loved your energy and spirit in your video… I love the thought of me learning to sew and you really brightened my morning… love how your giggle at yourself.. I do that all the time. Again, great video and wonderful projects.. even if you're a novice.. the energy you reflect it AMAZING… hope you're still sewing.
    Thanks for the video!!

  16. lishaN1981 says:

    Awww love ur Video ur son is cutie pie ! Thank u for sharing !

  17. You're just darling; you're the kind of person we need more of in this world. TY for the video:-)

  18. Toni Parker says:

    Look at some patchwork squares, darls it all straight sewing and then quilting like you did for the pencil case, great for beginners. 🙂 but don't be hard on yourself you did a top job.

  19. How are you coming along with your sewing now? You are most likely a pro by now, since this was almost 4 years ago.  🙂

  20. worship850 says:

    I've always wanted to sew cos I love creativity but I've always bn worried of a machines complexity . After watching a few videos I've literally decided to buy a machine. I'm still encouraged by you cos I was looking for someone who started as a novice too .
    I can't wait to try out new things this year

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