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December 17, 2016
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December 18, 2016

Hi guys!
This week I did a viewer request and show you my essential tools, and how to go about winding a bobbin and threading my machine.
I launched a Patreon!:

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There’s also twitter & instagram, both handles are @holycrappitsjo!



  1. nawojinator says:

    Oh ma gawd I've been there, man!

  2. Zoe Oates says:

    Yes please to the room tour. Xxx

  3. hi thanks so much for the video

  4. Ellah Moon says:

    Luv your videos!

  5. Didn't like the bad language 

  6. More silly debauchery!  (LOL, auto-correct tried to make it douche-buggery)

    Any ways to make a smaller t-shirt larger? "Easily?"

  7. Hey! I just adore your vids!  I am a nerd as well and sew funny stuff all the time.  It's absolutely amazing how inspiring you are and how I feel like your a dear friend of mine when I drink beer and sew while watching your vids!  Keep it up and please only listen to constructive critics and not the haters, keep on being the Sunshine on YOuTUbe!

  8. micro-babe says:

    OH GOD LEFT HANDED SCISSORS. Where did you get yours? The craft and sewing stores near me don't have lefty scissors. It's the bane of my sewing existence.

  9. Looks like you machine has a needle threader, do you use it? 

  10. JODI GARDNER says:

    I frickin' love watching you! You are educational AND hilarious! Keep up the good work! ??

  11. quazylade90 says:

    you do cuss alot, but you are a crack up.

  12. Informative but your language needs to be cleaned up.

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