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December 13, 2016
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December 13, 2016


In this beginner sewing video I cover all the basic supplies you need to get started and also share with you some optional items and a few different variations on popular tools.

I tried to keep the video content as budget friendly as possible. So, if you are on a tight budget but want to get started with sewing you will see that with a small investment you will be off and stitching in no time! In sewing and quilting a lot of the tools and gadgets we use are a matter of personal preference. The only way to really know if a tool is for you is to actually try it. Unfortunately, that usually means you will be out some money if you buy something and you don’t really like it or end up using it. But it’s all part of the trial and error game. In this video you can expect to learn more about my favorites, what I use for certain applications and I try to give you the why of it all to help you make your own decisions as well.

For the complete list of supplies & tools I mention and/or show in this video click here:

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  1. Ktbrimom says:

    Always love your videos. Thank you so much.

  2. Great info, just wanted to pass on one bit of information:NEVER IRON ON YOUR CUTTING MAT!  Can't stress that enough. It warped mine it CAN'T be flattened back out! It also warps the grid rulers on the mat so it won't measure correctly after you do. It's an expensive lesson I learned, and wanted to save others from learning first hand. Warped cutting mat= unenjoyable frustrating experience.

  3. do you have an sewing machine with an stitch regulator?? if so what is your opinion on it?? I am looking around for one but thus far they are very expensive

  4. bean says:

    I have some of those pins with the plastic heads (discs) in yellow and have found that they are really handy for keeping track of rows when quilting. I used a Sharpie to write numbers on about ten of them and as I work on rows or blocks I run one of the numbered pins through to remember the order.

  5. BEVISA1219 says:

    I loved your video ….. tutorial….lol .Many of the things that you show there and got it. Thanks for sharing all your knowledge that help me a lot

  6. Sintel Snow says:

    Omg your hair is incredible. I could never pull that off. <3 Also, great video. :D

  7. Although we love to see your bloopers. My husband happen to walkin while I was watching your tutorial. He wanted me to suggest to you, too try a teleprompter. LOL 🙂 (I did smack him, on your behalf, then again for being rude)

  8. Lisa K says:

    Thank you for this helpful video! What brand are those thread snips?

  9. imacrafty1 says:

    So helpful! Thank you for sharing!

  10. I learned a great and cheap way to get fabric from my middle school English teacher, get stuff like sheets, blankets, table cloths or shower curtain from like goodwill or places like that! Because fabric can be super expensive!

  11. I love all your videos!! You're very thorough with all your explanations on every craft. Thank you & keep up the good work.

  12. Nancy Coy says:

    Great explanations!

  13. A double needle might be more advanced, but man, it makes sewing stretch fabrics so much easier!

  14. Thanks for this! I haven't sewn in forever and I'm so happy to be getting back into it.. In home eck we are making drawstring bags :)

  15. Hi … this video was the most helpful of everything on the Internet. ..thank you…I would also like to request please a sequel…about batting, filling, starch spray, spunge, embellishments, trims, stop fray spray, etc. on videos people talk about these type of thing but nobody can explain how or why we would use these types of things…sorry if I sound stupid but I'm new to sewing…thank you

  16. Use any babylock sewing machine

  17. kmhbeam says:

    Thanks so much for this, I'm just getting back into sewing after about 25 years away. My how things have changed! I have a lot to catch up on and you do a great job explaining the basics.

  18. I am taking my first sewing class tonight, thanks for the videos!

  19. Super nice video! super clear…. love it! and also the bloopers of the "tutorial"!

  20. Kuch Rang says:

    very nie explainatoin thank u

  21. I just love your personality. I think you are great. I ready to start back sewing.

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