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March 26, 2017
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Hi Everyone,

So here I share a part of my first anniversary gifts to my husband – A fully equipped Men’s Travel Toiletries Kit or as common language says- a Dopp Kit 🙂

I have used a rectangular flat Dopp Kit bag which I bought from Jabong. It’s from a brand called Outshiny.

It makes a perfect practical gifting option for the Men of our lives- Husband, Father, Brother or even a friend would surely need and appreciate this gift, moreover he will appreciate the effort you made to assemble it 🙂

Oral Care:-
1. Toothbrush in a case
2. Toothpaste
3. Colgate Plax Mouthwash
4. Tongue Cleaner
5. Floss (if you use it)

Shaving Essentials:
1. Gillette Shaving Foam
2. Shaving Razor
3. Lacto Calamine(as an after-shave)
4. After shave Wet Wipes

Skin care :-
1. Body Lotion (Sample Size)
2. Garnier Men’s face wash
3. Himalaya Lip Balm
4. Pears soap ( My Man’s Favorite)
5. Vaseline Jelly ( Optional)

Hair Care :-
1. Shampoo
2. A Comb
3. Hair Oil
4. Conditioner (Optional)

Miscellaneous Items:-
1. Sewing Kit- Thread, spare buttons, Sewing needle and hooks
2. A pair of scissors
3. Nail-cutter (with built-in knife)
4. Multipurpose kit – Paper Clips, rubber bands, All-pins and safety pin
5. A Rs. 500 currency note
6. Axe Cocoa Deodorant ( Sample Size)
7. All good Scents Perfume (Sample Size)
8. Talc
9. Vicks Vaporub/Any balm
10. Analgesic and Multivitamins
11. Cotton and Q-tips
12. Band-aids
13. Compact Shoe Polisher
14. Spectacle Cleaning Lotion

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Aditi Dixit



  1. Aditi this is such a creative video…u hav really helped us wives to organise our hubbies travelling kit…kuddoos for tht…Good job👍

  2. Pawni Mittal says:

    hey di can you do a video on top face masks available in India.

  3. Beauty Beats says:

    very helpfull video

  4. Beauty Beats says:

    very helpfull video

  5. Beauty Beats says:

    very helpfull video

  6. cute nimi says:

    yes i will give this kind of bag to my dad

  7. really great video💕💗💖like👍

  8. Those perfume samples n talc powder was sooo cute😄
    Thanks for the gift idea..its lovely😊

  9. very helpful for men!!!
    luved it!!

  10. keeping cash is really great idea.. u forgot to add hand sanitizer n some dry tissues / wet wipes

  11. Swetha Reddy says:

    It's fun watching this video.I always pack a kit like this for my husband during his business trips but he hardly uses half of them.though I know that fact,I still pack everything for all his trips 😁 (typical wife😊😌) I also add sunscreen to the list.keeping cash is a good idea,I will include that from now on.
    It's really great idea to make this kind of video.i loved it😍Planning to gift the same to my dad

  12. u look so radiant today 😍 lovely video

  13. your vedios are really helpful. . like I never thought of keeping sewing things or pins while travelling.. but will add it next time..

  14. hey aditi your video's are so helpful..👍 keep going girl…

  15. aww… this was awsumm..
    thnx for sharing😊

  16. Shveta M. says:

    Helpful 👍n u forgot vaseline😁

  17. I can gift this to my dad…thanks Di…😊

  18. very good idea. u r looking very pretty in pink. hey just wanted to ask in which year did u get married?

  19. Anshu Sharma says:

    gr8 idea and nice video

  20. my s.o.'s birthday is just around the corner,and it's so very difficult to think of gift ideas for him,thanks a lot,so needed this! 😊
    btw I have the same dupatta so same pinch! i have it as a dupatta-patiala set,what about you?

  21. loved the idea… thanks aditi

  22. Great essentials, if I gift this to my bf I might include Nivea after shave balm so I can use it as a primer too haha
    I love smelling Vick's vapor rub 🙂 ♡Sel

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