Make a Tank Top (Crossback) | Easy Beginner Sewing

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May 13, 2017
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May 14, 2017

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  1. Sew Chic Tv says:

    @simplyamberxo thank you!! Im glad you think so! =)

  2. LetiLaFlaca says:

    i so wanna make one of these. I'm definitely gonna be showing it off during the summer. 😀 Thank you! Adorable as usual. 🙂

  3. WillowWish says:

    I love the pocket!

  4. Sew Chic Tv says:

    @LetiLaFlaca YAAYY! Tank you!!

  5. Sew Chic Tv says:

    @PlatniumRain17 Thank you! I was gonna make it purple but I wanted to play with my stitches & putmy initial on it HAHA!

  6. Yiling Liou says:

    OMG I almost saw 1/4 of your right boobies 🙂 nice tutorial& BODY! Thank you.

  7. Sew Chic Tv says:

    @3838bbla I KNOWWW!! I wanted to put on a bathing suit top, but then I said forget it & I saw the video I was like NOOOO! But wayy too lazy to redo it =(. But Im glad you liked it thank you so much!!

  8. LetiLaFlaca says:

    I just went n liked your FB page lol

  9. Van Hoang says:

    So cute! The music is fun =]

  10. Sew Chic Tv says:

    @cheschiiire Thank you! I know I really like the music too, glad you like it as well!

  11. Sew Chic Tv says:

    @amomschoice thank you sweetheart!!

  12. Caramel Kiss says:

    I LOVE IT!! So cute! I'm new to sewing and definitely going to attempt to do this! Thanks for the vid!

  13. Sew Chic Tv says:

    @caramelkisses1987 Im glad that you like it! & I hope yours comes out great! =D

  14. Morgo Bro says:

    very good!!! i love the detailing on the pocket, what a great idea! i often forget just how much you can do with a sewing maching! little details make all the difference. great work!

  15. Sew Chic Tv says:

    @madammorgo thank you! Im very glad you enjoyed it!

  16. Dissaya T. says:

    I love it!! So cute! I'm gonna try to make one! 😀 thanks for such a great idea!

  17. Sew Chic Tv says:

    @TheDissayaLand Im glad you like it and I hope your tank comes out perfect!

  18. La Beba says:

    i luv the pocket details what software u use for ur vids if u don't mind me asking

  19. Sew Chic Tv says:

    @lmmb17 thank you! I use imovie it comes with apple computers! =)

  20. i love this top! thank you soo much!

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