LSS202 Sewing Machine Quick Start Guide

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July 19, 2017
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July 20, 2017

Short video for LSS202 sewing machine quick start guide.
In 1990, Michley China was established as a sewing machine factory. Now it is one of the largest factories of small and medium size sewing machines in China.
Michley is also a manufacturer of consumer electronics (converter box, portable digital TVs, etc,)
Michley US is in Sunnyvale, California, US, in charge of the marketing and customer service in North America.

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  1. Toya V. says:

    Help my fuk.. Mini machine is not bobbing at all…. Can't someone please help me

  2. Kid Vixen12 says:

    My mini dressmaker sewing machine is threaded n stuff but …when I try to sew something it just runs right passed the material but doesn't sew anything 🙁 please help

  3. R. R. Reus says:

    Hi, can you post something for beginners? For instance, I haven't used a sewing machine at all since I was a kid. I don't remember the terminology. What are bobbins for? Sorry. Very confused!!!

  4. Instructions not clear, stitched my penis.

  5. is it just me that when I do all the stages, when I try to sew, the result is just holes in the material with a cluster bundle of thread in various places? my model is GAD-00266, but looks pretty much the same, so I don't know what I'm doing right or if the machine itself is broken.

  6. I got one how do I get tighter stitches, the top looks pretty but the bottom thread just makes untight loops what do I do?

  7. cdm386 says:

    can i use a twin needle on this one

  8. Magen Kelley says:

    Your stuff dont work bitch what kind of help are u

  9. ardygurly says:

    these instructions are useless. When you are threading your hands are in the way and I have no idea what you are doing and since you aren't talking people are left to guess what you are doing :/

  10. eu my tinho una maquina de coser

  11. claytoaj says:

    Thank you for this! I have similar type of small sewing machine that came with an "instruction booklet" that didn't help very much as I've never sewn before. This will be very helpful, thanks again!

  12. squaresensei says:

    I bought this and I'm loving it … it does its job of stitching, is compact, and the "freebies" are nice – extra needles, bobbins, threads, scissor, tape etc. – all this for < 15 USD !! … But as other people correctly point out, the instruction booklet is totally useless (no, I can't read Chinese). They'd do well to print a 1 pager on how to use it – in English 🙂

  13. Mine keeps unthreading itself or jams. My first time using it and I want to throw it away I'm so upset. I've tried everything to get it to work.

  14. This vid didn't help at all it would be nice I u actually did talk through it do I know what to do

  15. I hate this machine I bought it and ive been trying to thread it for 2 and half hours no kidding! its impossible! I see video check do as it says yes yet it still wont work. its not worth buying videos shows what to do you do it as it shows it wont thread:( ive not got machine plugged in to thread it though. do I have to

  16. Flora a says:

    I have problems with getting the thread ready ….

  17. Kabwe N says:

    I hate threading, cute machine though

  18. Russell says:

    Need some help here. My bottom thread is picked up and I then throw both the thread from the bottom and the top to the back of the machine, and start sewing. However, during sewing, the needle fails to pick up the thread from the bottom, and what I am left with is a thread just going over the fabric, and several needle shaped holes, but no stitch.

    I have read elsewhere in full size sewing machines that this may be due to the timing of the needle and the bobbing thingy being off, but if this is the case, how can it be fixed in this one?

  19. kachi silai deti h.. ye machine..

  20. Mine looks like this but is called Michley Mini 2-Speed Sewing Machine.

  21. help! I do all of these steps but it my thread gets jammed

  22. Crowharp says:

    Wow. That's an awful lot of threading just to get ready to sew. Glad I saw this. I would only buy it for punching stitch holes…

  23. On the big blue knob where you placed the bobbin, the little piece sticking out is missing from mine or is there a way to get it to stick out?

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