Learn How To Sew, Easy Sewing Class For Beginners!

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December 12, 2016
Easy sweater pattern for non-knitters: Let’s call her Cami
December 12, 2016

If you’re feeling intimidated by that sewing machine in your closet or just looking to get started, this is the class for you! Our sewing expert, Gretchen Hirsch, will make you feel comfortable and confident at the wheel in this 25-minute class.



  1. Rupa Wathie says:


  2. I really love your video!! It has been very helpful because I just bought a sewing machine and I didn't know how to start!! Thank u

  3. LOVE you❤❤❤

  4. janebell says:

    Thank you for this awesome how-to vid! I tried and failed at setting up my machine a few years ago. With your incredible detailed instructions, I am going to try again!

  5. Hi, I'm Marilyn here in WDC..I love to sew: when I initially thought abour getting into sewing it was because I wanted to make my own clothes. but what I have been doing is piecing quilts and making them. I do live to make quilts. But I still can't Sew a straight line and my cutting skill s, well.. I bought a singer simple machine in Oct.2015 model 3232 do you feel this is a great machine or beginner? let me know your thoughts on that.

  6. P. Kelly says:

    This was fantastic and the best tutorial I've seen here. Gretchen, you're awesome! ???

  7. Terri Lynn says:

    I am so grateful to come across this video. You make sewing feel relaxed, non threatening, even joyful! Thank you for such a detailed beginners course that doesn't make me feel stupid for having to watch! You are an EXCELLENT teacher!!

  8. Vie Walker says:

    What's your machine called?

  9. xraevicious says:

    I didn't know your hair was blue until about halfway through the video. I love how normal it's becoming to me. Hahaha Alsnyway thank you for making this video! It helped a lot. I had to go back and forth with another one because my bobbin case is front facing. Otherwise I think it's perfect. I can't blame ya for having a different machine, haha. I look forward to watching more!

  10. Erika Smith says:

    I've watched quite a few beginner sewing guides and this one has really made the most sense, even though I have a different machine. Thank you for explaining why/how the little things are supposed to work not just "do this, do that".

  11. Kae Grams says:

    Thank you so much. You're so helpful, clear and concise. I never had to fast forward thru boring info. You're the best !

  12. Where did you get that wrist pin cousin

  13. Love your videos! Not only are you instructions throurgh your voice is so clear. There is no second guessing on what you said. You make tackling a project effortless giving a novice or even the advanced sewer the confidence to take on a project beyond their limits. Thanks for sharng your skill and craft!

  14. HearThis says:

    thanks for this video

  15. Thank you for this awesome!
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  16. Liana Mori says:

    Excellent tutorial! Professional, clear and concise! Love it. New subscriber!!!

  17. Maya Brits says:

    Thank you…you teach beautifully…I feel confident to begin!
    I love your blue hair and colours that you wear!

  18. I freakin' love those shoes!!! <3 <3 <3

  19. Lin Lowe says:

    This is fabulous! just what I need. Gretchen you are super clear….great teacher!

  20. Wendy King says:

    Thank u so much I haven't sewn in years so your tutorials are a blessing

  21. LaRue Smith says:

    Thank you, very helpful

  22. Fern Bailey says:

    This was a great lesson. Even though you are an expert you were able to explain things in such a way that a beginner would understand. Great people skills and a great teacher. Thanks so much for taking the time to do this.

  23. cuteyalexia says:

    For a front-loading bobbin case, the thread and bobbin should make a "b".

  24. Thank you so much for this video I can't wait to start sewing! I am glad I am a subby!

  25. tamsie8it says:

    Hi, thank you so much. My grandma gave me her sewing machine many years ago and I have tried before and failed to get it going. After watching this I have just sewn my first perfect line and have lots of projects planned. I lost my gran and without her to help I haven't made much, thanks for getting me going again and my grandma would be so pleased! You are an excellent teacher Gretchen x

  26. amber combs says:

    I just have to say that I am so enamored with her hair and her overall look. Very pretty. Plus I love how detailed she is with her descriptions. Best beginner video I've found so far. :-)

  27. Shaimaa Aly says:

    soooo useful …. loved ur detailed explanation amaaaaazing ?????

  28. How do I do a perfect hem on a curtain? xD They always get, like, crooked and souch '^.^

  29. Very helpful and clear video! I don't even have the same exact sewing machine and I understood everything clearly and the video is the best one I've seen for very first time beginners!

  30. Thank you! I am just learning… and you helped me so much!

  31. Tara Furnice says:

    I'm a new subscriber. So happy I found your video. I can sew, but it's been awhile and my husband bought me a better sewing machine. You've given me the inspiration to going again?. Thanks so much x Absolutely love, love, love your beautiful dress and shoes x

  32. 24:54…anyone know what kind of scissors these are called? Are they specifically for sewing?

  33. are you crocheting as well?

  34. Can you recommend a budget-friendly sewing machine for a beginner? I have done so much research; but every time I find a machine that seems good, I read nothing but bad reviews. I'm scared to spend so much money on something that doesn't work. Thanks.

  35. Robin Webley says:

    Im a guy that makes puppets ( a bit like the muppets) thanks for making my hobby ten times easier x

  36. Sofia Rivas says:

    Its a pleasure to watch your tv show

  37. Sofia Rivas says:

    …and your hair is beautiful

  38. Rose Parak says:

    you are stunning omg!!!!!

  39. Jon Hohensee says:

    That's a crazy serious iron.

  40. Kim Dunmore says:

    Brilliant, I'm thinking of starting as a beginner. Love your designs

  41. Sophie m says:

    20:01 How does that stitch hold down the sides if it isn't directly on the side of the cloth? It's on the edge near it.

  42. Leticia Let says:

    I'd just like to say that I. Love. Your. Style.

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