Janome Sew Mini Sewing Machine Part 2 – Threading the Machine

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March 29, 2017
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March 30, 2017


  1. I dont like this machine the bobbin keeps jamming stop and start every 1 minute

  2. Donna Ellis says:

    Gina, thanks so much for this video – due to short term memory issues, I have to look at it every time! LOL hugs of appreciation!

  3. Awesome help! This was my saviour tonight! First time sewing machine owner and user!

  4. Online Tutor says:

    Wie heißt der Garn?

  5. CASA Films says:

    Great tutorial. So much clearer than the instruction manual! Thank you.

  6. Great tutorial. I am having a problem with my janome. can you tell me what am I doing wrong. When I start sewing the bobbin get all tangled up. please help.

  7. Best tutorial ive seen! Thanks so much x

  8. Anita H says:

    I've had this for years. I sodnmt use it much but I managed to make a quilt from it. After a few years of not using it and trying to get that bobbin thread to loop, it won't do it what so ever! Frustrating!!!

  9. Pebbles Walk says:

    Bought this machine …Purple Thunder… from Amazon. Great for travel. Little noisy but still great!

  10. when I try to make the loop the thread isn't picking up the bobbin!!!!!!!! what do I do?????

  11. Fred Miller says:

    Good Job on the video. Thank you!

  12. Saadia Star says:

    Thank you a million Times I just became a sewing pro😎

  13. LB Pink says:

    thank you so much you really help me out.   I lost my manual and I was totally lost. You help me! Thank you!

  14. Omg thank you so much.

  15. StarJoshKyn says:

    Thank you thank you thank you.  You made it very easy to follow.

  16. Thank you so much this was extremely helpful 😊

  17. It's not the same brand or machine that I have, but this video was far more helpful than my instruction manual. Thank you!

  18. thank you best tutorial ever!!!

  19. Summer Owens says:

    Thank you! This was so helpful!

  20. Very helpful! Thank you!

  21. Tengo una janome modelo 813 fue un regalo alguien tiene una igual pa q me enseñe como funciona vivo en Perú y aquí ni los técnicos las entienden please alguien q sepa!!!

  22. I can't seem to pick up my bobbin thread. I've tried several times

  23. Laurel R says:

    I have never used a sewing machine in my life and bought the sew mini a year ago- Your intro made me laugh. I've wanted to learn to sew for years but did not know how to begin.Thanks you so much for these tutorials-! They've helped me finally begin my sew journey!

  24. Mandy Fresh says:

    Thank you so much for posting this! I just bought a Janome Mini and was still confused after reading the directions. I feel more confident after watching this.

  25. Sav-Chan says:

    I lost my instruction booklet for this machine recently and I've been running into problems. But I think your video just helped me! 😍 After days of searching the Internet, I think all of my sewing machine problems have gone away. lol. Thank you!

  26. lifesaver tutorial! thank you!!!

  27. yogicaspi says:

    Thank you, that helps!

  28. Nite Lite says:

    I have been reading the instructions for another machine in regards to threading and stumbled across this clip. What I have noticed is that many of the basic functions and procedures on different machines are the same so this clip is helpful for other types of machines as well. You took time to explain things PLUS get good camera angles and used good lighting. Will save this clip for sure!

  29. Was crying because I was so stuck you are a life saver !!! 💛💛😻😻😻

  30. Mine keep tearing the thread, however when I turn the thread tension knob to 1 and put it back to 4 it works for a while and then tears up. Some how it gets stiff while passing through the thread tension knob because after it tears it up, if I try to pull the thread just before where the needle is, it's very stiff.

    I wondered maybe it's the thread, do they come in deferent thickness sizes? if yes which size is the best for this mini Janome?

  31. This video was more informative than the instruction manual. Thank you!

  32. Raven Bunner says:

    thank you soo much i have watched 11 videos and still did not understand now i do😃😃😃😃😃🙌🙌🙌

  33. on mine i did everything i was supposed to and when i try to sew then it just makes holes but the thread doesn't go through!

  34. Ive set it up just like this but the bobbin thread is not picking up? HELP

  35. Omg mines won't make the loop( final step) I've tried everything and it's not working !!!

  36. Donna Richey says:

    What is the price on this machine, the mini janome?

  37. hanksgavin says:

    Thanks for the video. Great. Really helpful. Can't tell you how long I wasted on google looking for a manual.

  38. Thanks! I have a sewing test tomorrow on threading the machine and I watched this video and I felt confident.

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