How to use and maintain basic sewing machine for beginners full

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February 4, 2017
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February 5, 2017

In this video i am showing how to maintain sewing machine, insert needle, bobin winding, insert bobin into bobin case, insert thread etc..
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  1. dr sha says:

    super ga chepparu….2days nunchi unna doubt cleared about threading ….clean explanation 100 likes

  2. Sophie B says:

    thank you for the bobin idea mine is also broken I always use my hand this is much easier thank you

  3. Rania Amira says:

    thank you for your help certainly, you are an amazing person and you helped me with my bobbin

  4. Thank u so much for give a amazing helpful and easy video.

  5. Rax Vuitton says:

    thank u very much, its very helpfull

  6. Abena Anane says:

    thank you so much. your instructions were so clear and easy to follow.

  7. Lols L says:

    thank you sooooo much!!

  8. Love Life says:

    How do you change the feet on this machine?

  9. This helps me for my HELE performance

  10. Excuse me but can u help us how to use the sewing machine when sewing
    My teacher told me to turn the wheel
    Then use ur foot on the foot pedal
    but I have problems doing it CAN U make a video about that pls because
    I want to get a good grade in sewing

  11. david bravo says:

    i am a new tailor kindly teach me barefeet and on shoes when using foot pedal thanks

  12. david bravo says:

    ok thanks dear nia

  13. mom my needle broken then new one change sew cloth cut in thread what's problem

  14. hi. im considering buying this machine 2nd hand and iv never sewn before, so i want to get it as something to learn sewing with, would u recommend it as a good machine for a beginner like me?

  15. sakina banu says:

    you read the Islam in this very benefit s to you

  16. Thx, your video help me a lot ! :)

  17. Anne Muga says:

    Thanks you for this video!

  18. Thanks for the helpful video!

  19. fantastic work done for learners

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