How to Use a Sewing Machine in 4 Mins Step by Step for Beginners

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March 4, 2017
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Supper highly requested. I’ve told making this video ever since I started this channel. I hope this video is useful. I tried my best to record this video in details. ^^

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  1. Peter XYZ says:

    Wow…this was like an Apple instruction manual: mostly pics, little text.

  2. how the fuck did she get them to loop?

  3. GTR MAN says:

    Very helpful, Thank you !

  4. Omg I'm getting mine Tuesday its going to take me days to know this

  5. Rose C. says:

    CAN SOMEONE HELP ME I have the exact sewing machine shown in the video but I lost the foot pedal/plug in things while moving. What do I do??!

  6. Nick Taleski says:

    I love this tutorial, quick, easy, simple and very usefull, just what i needed. Thank you

  7. Lynxacore says:

    This was actually easier to learn from compared to other long ass videos

  8. Super simple,and well detailed without making so long and boring. Thanks

  9. Jake Toons says:

    Thank you so much!!!!!!

  10. I got this sewing machine today from my boyfriend:3

  11. lupe styles says:

    Just got this sewing machine for Christmas thank you this helped a lot! ❤

  12. A. Castro says:

    I had just recieved the same machine not knowing how to get it started thank you so much for figuring it out yourself. It helped me and many others ❤❤❤

  13. Saturrrn 。 says:

    I got the same sewing machine for Christmas, hopefully this will help me work it out!

  14. thank you so much for that tutorial because I have the same exact sewing machine that I got for Christmas and I didn't know how to thread it is so thank you for everything☺😊😝

  15. Hallo Ween says:

    Very helpful, thank you! I used to watch my mom sew when I was a kid, but that was decades ago. Just bought my first sewing machine so this helps a lot to get started.

  16. This was an excellent video. Very detailed and I wasn't confused like I have been with some I've watched on Youtube. I just got a sewing machine and i'm excited to start creating things. Thank you for your help.

  17. if i could give this two thumbs up, i would.

  18. david bravo says:

    kindly show press pedal barefeet

  19. Julie Kuwaye says:

    I LOVE how easy and simple you made this video! Your name is a plus (Yumi is my middle name)! I just subscribed. lol! Thank you!

  20. bcsdhfbs says:

    thank you this was really helpful

  21. some old men says:

    omg?!! we have the same machine and we never noticed the thread cutter on the side!! lol

  22. thanks for the information i now can work my machine properly😀

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