How To Thread The Brother SE400 Embroidery and Sewing Machine (beginner)

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April 30, 2017
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May 2, 2017

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How To Thread The Brother SE 400 video walks you through the 9 simple steps of threading the Brother SE400 sewing machine. A good video for beginners.

There will be many more to come, covering lots of sewing topics. This is a work on progress.

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  1. This was wonderfully helpful. Thank you kindly for this video!

  2. What would make the thread keep coming out from under the thread guide right above the needle?

  3. Burley Sew-You are just the BEST teacher! I am new to Brothers, Bernina broke for the first time in its 20 year life right here in the middle of my Christmas sewing!- but I bought this Brother for my 11 and 9 year old nieces this summer, and although they have NO sewing experience, they are able to follow your instructions very easily and so am I! Nice great machine but man with 5 granddaughters and living 90 miles away from the city, I AM SORELY MISSING THE RUFFLER AND GATHERER FOOTS! Thank you for the work with really clear videography. You are doing lots of us a huge favor, and I'm so very grateful. I have all your videos re. this machine in a ""my favorites" list. You do a great job and you're a great teacher!

  4. Ellen Roddy says:

    Thank you so much for doing these videos. I made my first frame and put initials in in using the resize and repositioning instructions you put in the other video.

  5. Hi, I just bought my new machine a few weeks ago. I'm using it for the first time because I've been sick., When I first started using it, I had no problem getting the thread to go through the needle on que. I recently changed the needle because it totally broke for no reason as I dropped my needle to begin sewing and since then it does not seem to line up and therefore will not thread for me. I have followed every instruction on doing it but still will not work. Any idea what may be the problem?

  6. Sarah Vice says:

    Great detailed video for someone like myself. I'm purchasing the brother se400 machine and watching all of your videos over and over on this machine. Thanks again!

  7. keely artman says:

    I working on a embroidery project and I ran out of bobbin thread. I still hve 3 letters left and I don't know how get back to where I was. HELP!!!

  8. Do you have any videos that show how to create your own image using SewWhat Pro? Or at least just add stitching (not text or another image) just adding additional lines or something

  9. thank you for making this video I'm interested in buying one of these machines and know nothing about sewing or anything so this will definitely help me!

  10. ABE CASH says:

    Every time i start sewing it says that the bobbin thread is running out, how do i fix??

  11. I have been trying for awhile to figure out how to adjust a stitch for a regular satin stitch or embroidery stitch without a hoop. Just for my own applique designs. I don't know if I can do that with this machine?

  12. Like your video ( course I am a beginner , question , I am trying to use the sawing machine and it keeps telling me to change the speed controller mode to off ? Please help , I don't know what to do

  13. very thorough, and clear and slow video! Thank you, I subscribed to your YouTube only because you were, as I stated above. I've got to get my new glasses and I was having trouble seeing how to thread so I searched it on you tube. Great Job!

  14. D Medina says:

    Thanks… all that was pretty easy but i keep getting this message "The bobbin thread is running out" would you know why?

  15. D Medina says:

    You don't answer many question requiring help?

  16. I have watched this video and I am doing everything you show, but my machine still won't thread, could it be my needle us in wrong, it acts like it want yo thread it but it doesn't, I need help!

  17. Lillie Payne says:

    I'm curious as to know whether or not this machine is good for making iron-on patches. I'm relatively new to embroidery using machines but I am in the market for one that can embroider iron-on patches. Is threading the machine for sewing basically the same process as threading it for embroidery with just a different foot? And do you think this machine is good for making patches? Thank you for the video! 🙂 Subscribed.

  18. Amber Harris says:

    Im curious if you can answer my question i have threaded everything as you demonstrated and done my bobbin as your video but i think my bobbin thread just doesn't work right it keeps coming on top of my bobbin any suggestions would be great. Thanks

  19. I got the machine yesterday & so far it seems easy as far as using regular all purpose thread. but I want to use actual embroidery floss & can't get it to feed in the needle. it keeps getting tangled. do I need a special needle or something? I actually had to unscrew the machine kuhz it knotted up so bad.

  20. T McD says:

    Thank you for the video! Sewing machines have always intimidated me and I'm taking the plunge…and watching all the videos I can! Good job and looking forward to watching others.

  21. Hi Tim, thanks for all your videos. I just got the SE400 my ? is, the needles that came with it, are those for embroidery or machine sewing? It didn't say on them.

  22. i bought the se400. How can i do embroideries that are split? how do i align the things up?

  23. Ok thank you best ever explanation maybe I can practice sewing now that I know how to thread my machine thank you thank you! You don't know the frustration I've had after 2 classes and pulling my hair out yay! I can do it!

  24. omg that's all I had to do? Just pull the lever down? lol thanks for the video

  25. I'm 24, but this is my first time ever using a sewing machine, and this visual was so helpful versus the manual! lol thank you so much!

  26. Any suggestions on how to get the thread that's wound UNDER the bobbin winder lol.

  27. Hi can you do a tutorial on embroidering initials on men's button down cuffs

  28. can u show us how to put the bobbin in the machine so that the thread can attatch

  29. LINDA Veres says:

    Thanks you made it so easy!!

  30. Ron Brooks says:

    My needle threader won't thread my need. le and I thread it myself and start to sew my thread breaks . please help

  31. Maris Rios says:

    thank you… what size hoop does this machine use?

  32. Thank you so much for this video. I have never owned a sewing machine and your video was done very well. Easy to see, I was also grateful for your review of the steps and your patience showing this. What a blessing this video has been to me.

  33. nooney818 says:

    Dude!! I struggled before this video. Even the Brother website wasn't as helpful. Thank you!!!

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