How to Thread the Bobbin Brother SE400 Embroidery and Sewing Machine (beginner)

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July 23, 2017
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How to thread the bobbin on the Brother SE400 video walks you through the simple steps of threading the bobbin using the Brother SE400 sewing machine. A good video for beginners.

There will be many more to come, covering more sewing topics. This is a work in progress.

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  1. Dave Myers says:

    At the risk of sounding like a complete sewing moron, what is the purpose of the bobbin in a sewing machine? I just purchased an SE400, but know NOTHING about sewing machines. But, I want to learn simple sewing techniques. Must the bobbin thread color match the main thread color for everything you sew? Thanks

  2. Burley Sew says:

    The bobbin thread is what interlaces with the top thread when you make a stitch. When the needle goes down it catches the bobbin thread and the two threads hold each other in place. Where they meet or link should be in the middle of the material. You control this meeting point with the thread tension. Without the bobbin thread on a sewing machine the top thread would just pull right out of the top of the material. I am running out of characters so I will continue in the next post.

  3. Burley Sew says:

    Regarding Color- If you have the tension too tight you would see the loop that pulls through from the bottom on the top of your material. If it's a different color it might not look good, but if its the same color you wouldn't notice as much. Another example would be if can see both sides of the material and you wanted one color thread on one side and another color on the other side. You could use the color thread you want for the top and the other color for the bobbin which would be the bottom.

  4. clganske says:

    i bought some pre wound bobbins and they came without the plastic casing , will I be able to use these on my se 400 ?

  5. Burley Sew says:

    I think you are referring to the flat circular clip type rings (semi-circular) that snap around the thread part of the bobbin. If you are I have yet to use those when I embroider. So my guess is that you should be fine depending on the type of thread you are using.

  6. shellerz3 says:

    Hey there! great videos. I am considering purchasing the SE 400, and have read some negative reviews about the bobbin/ bobbin threading mechanism. Some of them state frequent repairs and exchanges due to the plastic on the threading mechanism cracking or warping, which makes the bobbin thread snap, tangle etc. Have you had any negative experiences like that? And how are you finding the machine holds up?

  7. Burley Sew says:

    I have owned the machine for almost year and I have had zero problems. I clean the machine regularly and when not in use I put the cover on. I do not store it anywhere there is extreme heat or excessive sunlight because this could possibly warp plastic. If I had to buy a new machine tomorrow, in the same price range, I would defiantly buy it all over again. Also I have not heard any complaints of this type from other users I have met. Thank you for watching my videos and posting. Good luck!

  8. Diva Like says:

    Great videos I just purchased the Brother Se 400 today I just subscribed…can't wait to see more videos

  9. Amy Holmes says:

    Your videos are great. Although I have no problems setting up wi fi systems, eprint apps, etc. setting up the this sewing machine seems overwhelming. I am able to use my tablet along side sewing machine to refer to your videos. It's been quite sometime since I sewed and purchased the Brothers SE400. Do you have any tips for getting over the overwhelming aspect or where to begin. Really would appreciate it. Primary purpose for now is heming. Thanks Amy

  10. Awesome videos man! I just bought an SE400 and your videos help me A LOT! 

  11. On by Brother SE400 told me my bobbin was out when the thread was done but now it doesn't. Is there a setting for this to turn it back on?

  12. Noor Booker says:

    how do i fix my bobbin thread for showing though my design

  13. Thank you for Instructions….This is what looking for Instructions on all of this machine. Consise & to the point!!

  14. Wow…thank you!! #TeamBurlySew  @ teamburlysew:)

  15. GOD'S CHILD says:

    Does the SophieSew program work on Mac?

  16. GOD'S CHILD says:

    I threaded the bobbin just like you said and it worked fine for about 3 embroidery projects, but now the bobbin keeps bunching up on thread and stopping the machine.  twice I tried removing the bobbin, but the same thing keeps happening.  Please tell me what I'm doing wrong

  17. Just got my SE400 delivered today and your vids been very helpful. Thanks.

  18. pleased I need your help. My se400 machine has refuse to sew. II don't know what's wrong with it. Any help? It neither moving forward nor backwards.

  19. Rae Flores says:

    when embroidering, does the bobbin have to be the same thread color as the top thread?

  20. I can't wait to get my SE400 THURSDAY. EXCITED.

  21. Thank you!!! So much easier watching it done.

  22. my2lilcubz says:

    hello! I got my bobbin threaded but now the main color it's embroidering is the bobbin color. any suggestions?

  23. Please advise. I get an error message when attempting to wind the bobbin. "Change the speed controller to OFF." What is the problem? I am not using a foot pedal.

  24. Hi I have SE 270 D and my problem is only when I start sewing – start with a bunch threat. when I am sewing after that everything is ok, but why my mashine start with bunch? Can you help me? Before everything was ok, because is embrodery mashine is imposible to take up the bobbin threat after every stop or when I change the color. Any idea please ☺

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