How to Sew T-Shirts – Sewing for Beginners – Part 1

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December 30, 2016
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December 31, 2016

How to Sew T-Shirts – Sewing for Beginners – Part 1.

A Sewing Tutorial from Angela Kane. Download the T-shirts PDF Sewing Patterns from

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Learn Sewing with me. Follow my How To Sew Tutorials for Beginners.

Sewing Patterns and Sewing eBooks for Novice Sewers and the more experienced seamstress.



  1. I love it. I was just about to make some summer tanks…. I will add t-shirts to the list while I'm at it. :)

  2. Chrysanths says:

    Great sewing tutorial! Thanks so much Angela!

  3. I really loved your video tutorial. It provided me with a lot of useful information and technique. I can't wait to make my own t-shirt. Thanks for sharing your sewing skills.

  4. LegitJiraiya says:

    This was WAY too boring… Sorry :/

  5. varity blue says:

    I'm so glad I found you.

  6. I love your very thorough instructions! I'm a beginner but I am saving this to try once a have more practice.

  7. Sam Sherpa says:

    Great Video. Is there an easy way to finish it as a V neck? I'm having trouble with it. Thanks

  8. I have tried sewing shirts using material other than knit and the neck keeps bowing out. Any suggestions?

  9. Are the templates free? Does it cost to be a member?

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