How to Sew For Beginners Part 1: Prepare Your Pattern

Easy sweater pattern for non-knitters: Let’s call her Cami
December 12, 2016
DIY Faux Succulent Wall Planter
December 13, 2016

Sewing Machine:
Sewing Scissors:
Tape Measure:
Sewing Pins:
Sewing Pattern

Part 1 of 9 of Astar’s sewing and dressmaking tutorial.

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  1. MoWith Addy says:

    This really helped me thanks alot God bless you

  2. Thank u…i am new to sewing and this is so helpful

  3. Wendie Tobin says:

    Jesus, I needed this so much. You may be the ONLY sewist willing to truly explain, well, everything. Thank you.

  4. Just stumbled on your videos, they will definitely be very helpful! You are gorgeous xx

  5. cris cape says:

    hello,your video is great,where can buy or see those pattern that already made

  6. yeah! I also love spotlight 😀 enjoy listening to you, thanks for this! still a beginner in sewing lol

  7. Caro cat says:

    Your videos are really helpful, thank you so much!

  8. lea bayazy says:

    Hello Astara, from Israel   I love you your videos, I can watch for hours.  I loved the beads for necklace.  Can I get all the necessary tools on the Amazon?  Please let me know.  The glue, the sparkles and the beads ?  Thank you, Lea

  9. Rosberryify says:

    Just subscribed! Re-learning to sew after many, many years. Back to the basics is a good refresher. Thank you! And I love your humour!!

  10. RachStar100 says:

    This is so awesome Astar, I really want to start making my own clothes but was worried my sewing skills would be too rusty. Thanks from a long time fan from NZ. I'm pretty sure I started watching you on tv in my teens and I'm in my thirty's now lol.

  11. nana Sabdani says:

    Where can I buy pattern? 🙁 I don't think we actually have something like that here in Zamboanga City :'(

  12. Jason Myrick says:

    this is really good I just got accepted into BSA (Baltimore school for the arts) and I wanna keep my sewing skills in check

  13. Got my 1st pattern today this really helped :)

  14. wow i love your personality! you make a great sewing teacher! i only have experience hand-sewing… it's easy but takes sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much time, i am intimidated, perplexed, mesmerized, confused, and captivated by the sewing machine! i really want to start making things and i can't do that by hand sewing ! thank you!

  15. hallecats says:

    So, you are from New Zealand????

  16. You are correct. NZ is home for now.

  17. Jude Dee says:

    I have only recently started to learn to sew….you're videos are now bible. Thank you so much Astar you are amazing, love your videos they have helped me so much.

  18. Aimee Ferro says:

    Are you only able to make one size from a pattern?

  19. Love the fabric on your dress x

  20. Can you tell me were you got the fabric from x

  21. Roudji K says:

    I hust found you…I am a mom in need of a challenging hobby ? and I love how fresh and entertaining your video is.i will be watching and learning. Thank you

  22. I have been watching your channel for a while now am at 51 a beginning sewer. I do basic hand sewing and cross stitch. But the way you teach and your personality make you feel more like a friend helping a friend learn and I just want to say, Thank you for taking the time to do this for us newbies.

  23. Keland Busby says:

    You are absolutely amazing and I love your teaching methods. Lead the way ?

  24. Sara Mae says:

    I'm just starting to sew, this helped so much! Thx

  25. I wanna be like u

  26. Dark Souls says:

    how can i create and draw my own patter of clothing ?

  27. ~ Wow luv your videos~

  28. areeg alward says:

    thanks for the useful video alottt

  29. angela83211 says:

    Just found your channel i is a God send. Thank you a newbie to crafting.

  30. Vesta Hagan says:

    On your pattern do you cut along the lines

  31. YOU are a lifesaver. First of all, you're incredibly charismatic and this is right up there with French Chef. Why isn't this on TV? Anyways, I AM SO GLAD I FOUND YOUR CHANNEL. I'm just beginning, learning to sew – I know nothing so this is so great

  32. You are absolutely amazing. Thank you!

  33. I've just bought a new sewing machine and want to learn to sew. I found your channel on here and absolutely love you. I'm originally from London UK but now live in California and both my children are grown and live in Auckland NZ so we have a connection. I love your personality and the way you explain things. I have subscribed to your channel and will be buying a pattern very soon and will take the plunge and hopefully make something half decent with your help. :)

  34. Hello 🙂 I am someone who has a bit of experience with sewing simple things but am interested in patterning. I see that you have only cut the size you want, but what if you are someome who would like to make clothes for people of different sizes using the same pattern?

  35. can you show me how to make a dog jacket

  36. Really helpful and simple!Great video!Once I watch more of your videos,I'll try to sew!

  37. Asra Ahmadi says:

    Can I ask you where did you buy your ready pattern please? Thank you

  38. I'm watching these because I forgot what I learned in high school. but sewing will be fun again. I hope.

  39. thank you for making this video

  40. "look some on already want to talk to me."
    "go away I'm must. "

  41. Very helpful video for beginners, and I definitely appreciated the tips you shared! :)

  42. Hi Aster, I haven't seen any of your videos recently, looking forward to learning how to sew by watching all your sewing videos before I even attempt to do any sewing, much less purchase a sewing machine. Hopefully you are keeping happy and healthy, AnnaMaria from Ireland, October 2016 . (Date noted because your video is two years old, maybe you have produced more since then, on your home renovations, flowering arrangements or indeed sewing). Thanks.

  43. Love your attire and hair ~ so feminine with a hint of nostalgia :)

  44. where did you those sewing patterns?

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