How to sew Dress without Pattern, Sewing project for Beginners

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January 11, 2017
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January 12, 2017

How to sew a cute dress without pattern, how to turn a Maxi skirt into a cute cap sleeve dress.
Pink Shoes
Ballet Flats
Denim Jacket
Statement Necklaces
Cross body bag

Where I buy my Fabrics

My sewing Machine
Juki Sewing Machine
Brother 1034D
French Curve Ruler
Dress Form

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  1. Amanda Oram says:

    This is beautiful and so smart! Thank you!

  2. Love this one!! So pretty my friend! ???

  3. Really lovely dress. Great job!

  4. that turned out amazing! you know most people make garbage when they try to turn something into something completely else (sorry, its the truth) but this is very decent.

  5. Hi your videos are nice but just a suggestion: can you explain more clearly where you are sewing ?We don't know what cap sleeves are and you go straight to the sewing machine so us beginners can't really tell what part of the fabric you are sewing. Perhaps you can show with your hands or in animated drawing which parts to sew by laying the fabric flat :)

  6. Beautiful dress! I really liked it how easy you made it look but it's still very pretty.

  7. Mirline K says:

    Very Creative! :)

  8. Awesome! New subscriber here! Cant wait for monday :)

  9. SimplyCloe says:

    I like the idea of doing a sewing project for beginners! Maybe I'm gonna do it on my channel 😉 Love this video great job :)

  10. Wonderful tutorial sweetie!! Nicely done and it looks so cute!! ^_^

  11. Rupa Wathie says:


  12. Maria Tobias says:

    Hello, I'm a new subscriber, hopefully you do lots of beginner video, I'm just learning how to see and for sure would really love to learn. I love this video ?

  13. how do you like your Juki? i have the same machine. love the video thanks

  14. Sam Malik says:

    wow absolutely beautiful.

  15. So cute and such a classy look. Thank you! Such an inspiring video☺!!!

  16. great simple job amazing one

  17. Anne Bartram says:

    Oh my wish u can sew for me :/

  18. galiagoze says:

    Thanks for this tutorial!! This would make a nice dress for beginners like me!! I was wondering if you could make a tutorial on a very simple belt for this dress?

  19. galiagoze says:

    I was wondering what the dimensions of the skirt was. Was this an A line skirt that was smaller at the waist? The reason I ask is that if I could not find a maxi skirt I liked, could I buy some fabric and sew a dress like this? would I have to cut the material A line before sewing? Or was the skirt already gathered at the top making it appear A line, but was just a long rectangle of fabric? Thanks!

  20. Rachel510126 says:

    Very gorgeous dress, well done. The video is so Very clever!

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