How To: Sew A Standard Pillowcase (Sewing For Beginners)

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January 14, 2017
Five Tips for Sewing with Corduroy
January 15, 2017

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  1. Love your fabric choices for this.

  2. buglady58 says:

    nice! i too like your choice of fabrics for this project :-)

  3. جميل جدا احبه

  4. I Love the fabric too lol ?xx

  5. Great project, thank you for sharing xxx

  6. love it going make 2

  7. I like the fabric! OMG I would be so happy to put my head on that!

  8. Trudy Marie says:

    LOVE the fabrics you used!! Where did you get it??? THANKS!! Another good video!!

  9. Love the combination of fabrics you used. I am going to make a couple pillowcases today. I have fabric I bought just because it looked pretty together and had no project to use it for. I do now. Thanks for another great video.

  10. Teresa Ruiz says:

    Bellissimo video!!!

  11. Audra Tonne says:

    So pretty! I love your videos. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Shelley says:

    This turned out gorgeous! Love the fabric combo and the easy-to-sew tutorial. You have an eye for beautiful fabrics. :)

  13. I have some tutorials on sewing on my channel come check it out! :)

  14. Donna Camper says:

    I love your video's… I have just started sewing about 4 months ago…I am handicapped can't use my legs so I had to figure out how I could sew with a sewing machine just using my hands… I learn a lot from your sewing videos.

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