How to Sew a Shirt, Sewing for Beginners, Part 1

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January 7, 2017
DIY gathered bell sleeve refashion
January 8, 2017

How to Sew a Shirt, Sewing for Beginners, Part 1.
About the Sewing Pattern, Sewing Equipment, Taping Up the Sewing Pattern and Cutting Out the Fabric. PDF Sewing Patterns from

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  1. cece escobar says:

    Great attention to detail instructions. ♡

  2. Chrysanths says:

    I remember this shirt in the thumbnail photo. First I got to know you from these 3 videos (Prepare the Cuff, attach the cuff and the bound sleeve.) I really sew that cuff watching your video and enjoyed it so much, that's why I remember the shirt from the thumbnail photo.Thanks so much for this helpful video!

  3. I want to download this video, since this is running while buffering, so that i can watch this at ease.

  4. Hi, sis, excellent tutorial, but pls, make the pattern manually with measurements, i shall be highly obliged. pls. I know u r selling these, but i cannot buy. so pls help, alongwith me hundreds will be benefitted. I always like your videos

  5. I thought this would be a tutorial which includes everything in it but turned out to be an ad for their business. I have to pay for the measurements?? This is way too ridiculous. I can see why there are not as many subscribers as I thought it would be. Don't you earn money too, on YouTube? Now who would pay for the measurements? Not poor people like me.

  6. hi madam I really love your style and teaching.I am computer literate, but don't know how to make use of if it in printing the cutting patterns. And am very new in sewing. please I need to know how to sew. Can you please explain it.

  7. Good Day. May I ask if pattern markings are mandatory in sewing??

  8. Manan R says:

    Hi you're too sweet to show all yours video I love it thanks for excellent video.madam I want to learn sewing and cutting at list my own garments so how to start with u ? How to become a member? I am from India.thanks lots.

  9. Bia Nabuco says:

    You're amazing. Thank you for this <3

  10. I have only just discovered your channel.This was really informative and interesting,however,why did you not show the sewing?Everything you taught was essential but for a sewing vlog you need to see how you handled the machine sewing.

  11. Hi dear
    I want to purchase this pattern now but wanna ask if it's the 540 pattern
    I wish I can register as a full member cos of ur beautiful teachings and patterns but am just starting up. can only afford to get the patterns little by little so tell me if the 540 is the rite pattern then I will be good to go with the purchase now.
    thanks for assisting
    Best regards

  12. OMG I just love you and Mimi G I'm going to sign up for your membership this Friday.

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