How to Read a Sewing Pattern Envelope | Beginner Sewing FAQs with Janet Pray

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July 26, 2017
Our New Pattern is Here: Introducing Penny
July 27, 2017

Demystify reading sewing pattern envelopes once and for all – from choosing correct yardage to using a stretch gauge. Plus, get even more need-to-know sewing tips in the rest of Janet’s lessons here —
Read up on sewing pattern markings here —

This is a clip from pattern designer Janet Pray’s online class, 20 Things to Know Before You Sew. Why take this class? Students rave:

“Even the advance seamstress could learn something from this class. She does an awesome job teaching reading a pattern, how to measure, to the advance seamstress who might want to learn more about fabric choices and lining a garment. I’m blown away by this class. I could only dream of sitting in one of her sessions, now you have made it available to me!”

Explore Janet’s other lessons and read more reviews – just click the link above!

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  1. Officemonk says:

    Janet is the best instructor on Craftsy for sewing apparel!

  2. Thanks for sharing. I did not know about those arrows on the back of the envelope.

  3. What if you want to make it bigger then the Padron?? Like you find a pattern for a dress but you need to make it bigger than the pattern. How do you do that?

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