How to Mend A Hole Without a Machine – Beginner Sewing Tutorial 5

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March 24, 2017
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March 25, 2017

This week I’ve recorded how to do ladder stitch and mend popped seams or holes in your clothes (RTW obviously as your handmade items would NEVER have a hole in…ahem).

Super quick, super simple and SO useful! Enjoy!


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  1. You always have the best suggestions and tips. Look forward to your next blog 👍

  2. Thank you so much Helen. Have you had formal dressmaking training? Please keep your tutorials coming. I personally am benefiting greatly! Thank you. Watching from Chicago!

  3. Very useful! Thank you 🙂

  4. Dana Moore says:

    This is exactly the stitch I needed. Thank you for sharing it with me.

  5. This stitch is used frequently in hand knitting to sew seamed garments. It's known as Mattress Stitch. It's a very strong, invisible stitch that makes a lovely stable seam. If you are careful with a knitted seam, the knit stitches line up exactly!

  6. Becky Coates says:

    Very clever little stich thanks

  7. Great tip – thanks! I'll be keeping this in mind for future repairs.

  8. Excellent tip, thanks so much! I am so terrible at getting around to mending clothes….much prefer making new ones! lol

  9. Hi, did you know in a channel called Sewing-topic which is an autogenerated channel by Youtube, your videos are displayed as a recommended channel? congratulations 🎈

  10. Great video, v useful it has got me out of many a hole! X x x

  11. Thanks Helen! I'm rubbish at hand sewing as I mostly make it up as I go (badly) so this is a great tip for me! Gemma x

  12. My grandmother and mother used that stitch to sew in handmade pillows, after they filled it with cotton stuffing. This tutorial is very good!!

  13. Thanks for the demonstration of this great way to fix up a broken seam. Nice.

  14. I went on a lovely holiday as well.

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