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February 24, 2017
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February 25, 2017

Here’s how I make my Youtube videos, starting with my filming essentials. If you’d like to see how I make a video from the sewing/editing side, let me know in the comments!


**this video is not sponsored, these are all tools that I use on a regular basis to make my videos. Videography can quickly become an expensive hobby, so don’t be afraid to start with what you have! If you want to start investing, save up, be wise with your money, and make sure it’s an investment you are ready to put time into.


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  1. Sing Cosplay says:

    Thank you for such an in-depth look at how you film! Love your videos πŸ™‚

  2. Flor Halporn says:

    Buying a filter for your lens is the worst thing that you can do

  3. I really like how detailed your video was about the essentials of shooting tutorial and travelling vids. I find this video to be a valuable reference as I am working on opening a youtube channel of my own mainly focusing on cross stitching and sewing πŸ™‚ Thank You for this wonderful video!

  4. C_ says:

    thanks so so much for these so details point😭😭😭learn a lot

  5. Eriis ella says:

    where did you learn all of these things? You know so many things and you're able to explain them in a very simple and at the same time specific way! Just subscribed, love your channel xx from Rome

  6. Paola says:

    I bought the Nikon D5300 about a few weeks ago as a birthday present for myself and I feel so happy that you're actually using it too!! Also, thanks for the helpful tutorial!!!

  7. I filters are actually kind of useless because scratches on lenses don't impact their performance, so unless you think you might drop your lens and shatter it, UV filters are pretty unnecessary

  8. mleeho says:

    This is the most entertaining "How to film" video I've seen. Your little hello was so cute ^-^

  9. Jessica k says:

    This was so helpful!!! Thank you x1000!

  10. what's your camera settings in your outside shots? I use also use Nikon and have manual settings always and it's mostly overexposed in bright sunlight

  11. Claire James says:

    Not a burgeoning YouTuber, but I really liked this "Behind The Scenes" look! πŸ™‚

  12. I really loved getting to see your filming process. Your videos are all so high quality. Seeing that they were made using a few tools and some craftiness is awesome.

  13. DeliaWears says:

    so helpful! your bed is the winner here ahaha

  14. Hi Wendy ! Firstly. LOVEEEEE your channel. I actually made the velvet cardigan and i find myself wanting to wear it all the time!! I did have one question about the Shure Microphone. Does it standardly have a USB outport? If so, does it come with a USB cable? i was interested in getting one but all of the sources i'm seeing say you need a special USB converter to make it work on computer. I'm hoping it doesnt need a standard mic cable because a computer would be easier to use than a audio setup haha. Very confused and was hoping you could help πŸ™‚

  15. the lighting tip is awesome!!!

  16. who would dislike this their just mean lol

  17. Can You Please Do A "How I Edit My Videos" Please And Thank You 😊

  18. sparkL33gal says:

    do you use a external mic?

  19. I live the birds eye view hack πŸ˜€

  20. Do you use a vlogging tripod?

  21. Lal LaLa says:

    awesome wendy <3 it's really useful. LOVE your video. I will try my shot too.

  22. VYHOA says:

    your loft bed seems to come in so handy LOL

  23. Is that camera difficult to use???

  24. ayase kamaro says:

    Your videos are always so helpful and nice. Thank you so much for like your whole channel in general

  25. That hanging bird's eye setup is genius!! Thank you for showing us how you film your videos. I'm really enjoying your channel!

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