How to make a rag quilt (Sewing tutorial for beginners)

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January 29, 2017
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January 30, 2017

Angel from Fleece Fun ( shows you how to make a rag quilt. Special break out mini tutorials break it down for beginners. Be sure to have your annotations on so you can see the links! The kit can be purchased here (affiliate)

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  1. hola todo esta bonito me gustan la sábanas de retazos
    por favor traducir a Español no entiendo nada soy de Ecuador- Guayaquil
    Muchas gracias

  2. masu zaveri says:

    I loved ur video… jus nid to ask 1 thing
    Could you plz suggest what mm rotary cutter should i purchase

  3. MARY ward says:

    I love your instructions! But I did not hear you say wash flannel & cotton fabric before hand>
    Everything is cut and put together with 3 layers. Too late to wash little squares – can I still
    make the quilt ? without it being a mess??
    Thank you – Mary

  4. MARY ward says:

    thank you – I will try out a few samples together. will let you know what happens.

  5. masu zaveri says:

    Where can i get cuddle cake kit in india??

  6. Adrian Allen says:

    love this thank you i have never did one before.. i also have 2 questions. 1. how can i add baby clothes to it or if i can? 2. can i add more to it later after i make it ?

  7. Kay Jinks says:

    Angel, I just was asked to make this quilt and I have a few questions after visiting the website. 1. I need to make this into a full size quilt, how many Cuddle Packs would I need? 2. Is the 3 yards of extra material needed for double layer between Cuddle squares just standard Flannel or is the flannel available in pre-cut white squares? If so, where do I find it?….Hoping you can answer this as I am going to place the order quickly~

  8. masu zaveri says:

    Since cuddle cloth was not available nearby me so i tried using other type of cloth and the quilt turned out amazingly like yours…
    I loved my quilt
    Thanks fleece fun for such easy steps for making quily

  9. MARY ward says:

    It worked great! Just washed it on cool, not cold, and then dried on easy care,
    Have done it twice and it looks great.
    Thank you so much.
    Love the quilt'

  10. Eve Rinaldi says:

    What is "cuddle" material?

  11. good job.make more videos. Excellent

  12. Helen Davis says:

    I finished my first rag quilt, BUT, seam allowance on outside of quilt too narrow or not deep enough.  Can you sew outside seams deeper, cut, and wash to try to correct. Also do the quilts continue to shed after washing?  Please tell me NO…Thanks.

  13. Lotus Flower says:

    you are a beautiful girl but some idiot has destroyed your eyebrows, you may need to take a professional advice to correct them!

  14. M.672 says:

    What is a "cuddle cake kit?"
    Is the quilt just patterned flannel on the top, 2 white flannel squares in the middle and more flannel on the bottom or what?

  15. Hello. Can you please tell me what type of ruler you use? I've never seen one like that. Thanks much!

  16. I am very green in this which flannel is this?

  17. Wafaa Hakki says:

    very beautiful, I like it I will try to do it ? thanks. ???

  18. Erin DeHart says:

    I always cut my edges 1/8th of an inch. Also it helps to run a butter knife over your edges before washing. If you are making a full size quilt– best to wash at the laundromat so you don't clog your washer. I had a new HE washer the first time and clogged my washer drain. I now have an old washer that works wonderfully– but I still knife all items and shake them like crazy before washing.

  19. Gracias muy bueno su tutorials. Será más fácil hacer mi proyecto

  20. Hi, I like your scissors. It is from 'Fiskars', isn't it?
    But which? There a so many types. Can you help me, please?

  21. April Edberg says:

    Thank you for this tutorial. I had spent hours on Pinterest preparing to make my first quilt and it was your well planned tutorial that gave me the confidence to go for it. I love my rag quilt – it's cotton on the front & fleece on the back. Your tutorials are so easy to understand and I can't wait to learn more from you. I'd love to share a pic, but not sure how to do that in comments. I did post pics on my FB and included a link to your awesome "How to Make a Rag Quilt."

  22. this quilt is beautiful you are so talented thanks for the video!

  23. I am doing this for the first time. Should I use white thread or thread to match the fabrics?

  24. Maravilloso!!!y está en español tb!!!! Thanks !!!!

  25. Love it…I like the minky on front and back ..some make these with flannel on the back and that is hard fabric and tends to look old after the second wash . One thing you forgot to mention was not to add liquid softner when washing this blanket you may want to use dryer sheets and to wash on cold …Thanks for the awesome video

  26. Gina Romero says:

    Thanks great video I was wondering if I wanted to do it chevron style rag would it be hard?

  27. Thanks for the video. I am a beginner so I too don't know what the cuddle cake is. I looked it up but still don't know. I'll pick up on it as I go along. Meantime, thanks again.

  28. hi! when you're first sewing the X on the squares, do you need to anchor/backstitch those as well?

  29. Kaya Lewis says:

    How do you keep the layers with cuddle cloth together while sewing. Even with putting pins in all 4 sides its not working. Im using the walking foot too, but its not working for me. HELP:(

  30. thank you for the step by step instructions. Very concise, clear, and complete. 🙂 :-)

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