how to make a maxi skirt in 5min easy for beginners sewing

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December 18, 2016
Learning to Knit
December 18, 2016

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  1. Sierra Cox says:

    my fav Youtube designer of all time!! my reason of staying beautiful and not giving up

  2. Omg! What?! I am reading comments and was about to subscribe, as I like her style and easy to understand instructions. Wow?

  3. sho thao says:

    thanks for sharing you are an inspiration i love your video s

  4. Yes a great shame her ex boyfriend shot her. Shame shame it's a shame she was beautiful,creative and a Christian and always had a smile I am sure her life wasn't easy. She had just married and had another child and then she passed. I would say watch as many videos as possible she's great.

  5. when did she die?

  6. GH CH says:

    super easy it looks am so trying it tomorrow inshaaAllah

  7. Iman Jabar says:

    Thank u so much for your vedio it was so helpful but dear one thing how you have add the lastic to the skirt

  8. Oh Gosh! you are missed so much! RIP

  9. Warda Ham says:

    Oooh my god I was about to subscripe and i did but then read the comments and my smiles turned to cries :'( RIP

  10. As far as IK other people are doing things on this channel along with her old videos, I am assuming any money earned thru this will go to her beautiful children! ? It great that she lives on with this channel, I hope it helps out her family! RIP!

  11. oh I miss you girl! but thanx to you I have gotten so much better at sewing

  12. Suma Pitta says:

    Rest In Peace dear…so sad it's shocking ?

  13. Non- stretch is usually woven fabric. Stretch fabric is knit. You use a woven needle for woven, even a ball point needle will work, but for knits, only use a ball point needle.
    It looks like she's using cotton material. The best thread for cotton is cotton or 1/2 cotton thread, because cotton shrinks. Always wash your fabric, unless it's dry clean only, before cutting it out or else your item will shrink and not fit after its first washing.
    The two edges she pulled together are called the selvage. So if you decide to ever use a pattern to sew, you'll know what they're talking about.

  14. What?! She was murdered?? That's horrible! I hate that!!

  15. Kawaii me!!! says:

    What the…..!!! she is murdered!!!!

  16. Sharon M says:

    I just discovered her and fell in love with this sweet little thing. She had such a wonderful way of explaining things and she just seemed so happy. I had subscribed a couple of days ago and came back to review one of her lessons. Then, like others, I read the comments. What a horrible waste of such a giving soul. I'm so saddened! May the good Lord be with her family and her children.

  17. Hi!!!! I am an absolute beginner and I would like to get myself a sewing machine. Which one do you think I should get? Something not too pricy :)

  18. Rip. Boo. Where are her pants videos?

  19. Miss Barry says:

    Whaaat?! murdered? ? aw no what a shame.

  20. Em Quest says:

    r.i.p. lovely meesha

  21. zinbo cato says:

    I want to make my own too

  22. Alytha Tisue says:

    I am a beginner and I wish the best for her family I recently got my grandpas sewing machine after he passed R.I.P We all love you and feel great sorrow for your loss. ??

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