How To Make A Fall Transition Coat I Sewing for beginners

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January 23, 2017
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January 24, 2017

hey love,
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  1. This is sooo pretty! I Love the colour you chose. looks so classy and elegant ? xx

  2. MONIEMAMA says:

    I was waiting for this tutorial……PATIENTLY

  3. loving this! what type of fabric is that?

  4. H H says:

    loved this! definitely going to try , thanks !!

  5. ismail says:

    cool I hope I can make 1like 1day talent girl keep it daer

  6. what type of material can I use ….Lycra,chiffon, cotton will be OK right?

  7. Slayology TV says:

    Don't leave me like that… I was like checking your page everyday thinking I was missing something….

  8. omg this is beautiful!!! I am going to try it soon I hope. Tfs

  9. It looks so professional!! By the time I get around to making this, Fall/Winter will be over ;(

  10. Sofiaee says:

    Ahh fall fashion colors are my favorite, this was beautiful and you looked amazing!

  11. Can I make this with African fabric ?

  12. Maamesc says:

    if you don't mind me asking what sewing machine do you use please?

  13. just zanda says:

    I neeeed to try this???

  14. Nina Justice says:

    I love this waterfall coat. In a future tutorial can you share how to cut out collars, I cannot do collars for garments. Thanks in advance.

  15. nicely done and so easy  i will try to make it     god bless

  16. it looks  nice on u  the Color is   lovely and looks great on u.i missed u glad uare back god bless–.

  17. Anna Rose says:

    Are you on Facebook or Pinterest

  18. but you didn't talk about how to cut the facing… and how we should attach in order to stitch them together

  19. How long did you make your coat?

  20. where do you get your grafting paper?

  21. Awww I love this ur too good

  22. ovoke I am addicted to your tutorials you are a genius grl

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