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July 12, 2017
Sewing Sunday | Chalk Talk
July 13, 2017

Sharing my problems and gripes about women’s fashion and sizing, and why you should sew your own clothes! Resources and tips for beginners. Also, how much ‘faux sewing’ pisses me off! (Sorry for the screen flip at the beginning and the low quality of the broadcast. Had some technical difficulties but next time should be smoother and not shot on a suuuuuper old iPad)
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  1. Brit L says:

    I love your vibe! I am a beginning sewing girl and as of right now I have just been looking at ideas and trying to just do them as I go without patterns. I like the way most of my stuff turns out, but it takes forever because right now I do way too much trying it on, and sewing a part then trying it on again. I should probably take your advice and watch/read some real deal information. I love your take on fast fashion, everyone is fighting for human rights these days, but the same people fighting for them are forgetting a much larger foreign population that is being exploited. Here we fight for which bathroom, overseas they just would like to be allowed to use the bathroom without losing their job or having the building collapse on them. Let's ditch fast fashion!!

  2. Hi Jennifer. so i got a sewing machine for Christmas and its still in the box. I've been scared to death to try. the way im built i think doing my own making pattern would be best for me. do u have a tutorial how to do it? thank u for your honesty. im glad one of you youtubers finally came and was honest. i felt the same way. like sleeves are hideous. these youtubers go to fast and dont take small steps to show us. i just love your "gotdam" personality!!! please please please please keep the videos coming#!!💕💕💕💕

  3. Maira Gomez says:

    This was a great video. I've started sewing a bit more seriously recently but haven't ventured into adult clothing yet. hopefully I'll do that next.

  4. A great video as always. I like your unique style and you really help others get into sewing x x Thank you x x x

  5. I think the best thing about Tilly and Buttons book is how she shows you to modify the patterns. I agree with you about Indie patterns, they offer a lot more support. I watched your video about the Ever Sewn machine and looked into them, I'll be getting one in the next few months. The only thing that concerns e about them, is I have a lot of sewing feet, and I hope they fit that machine.

  6. Parrots says:

    Totally agree with your comment on Pinterest, good for inspirational photos but that it. I find Pinterest soooooooo frustrating ( yes I mean extremely 😂) whenever I find anything interesting to find the tutorial on it is a nightmare, and in most cases not very clear. Keep up the good work😊.

  7. Beth Cooley says:

    I remember when you decided to make all your clothes. You talked about under garmets. you might want to look a EVIE la LUVE on YouTube. She has her own business and sells patterns for lovely intimate apparel (no riske.) You can download her patterns on PDF or get mailed. In addition, she sells kits. I think it is great you have set this challenge to make you 2017 wardrobe.

  8. For those of you who haven't sewn before – you might find this video helpful – HOW TO SEW: 5 TIPS ON GETTING STARTED

    More of my love|hate relationship with Pinterest: http://www.sewingreport.com/2016/09/my-lovehate-relationship-with-pinterest/

  9. NaturalDane says:

    Great video😁😁. Thank you for sharing Emily, LOVE her style, I followed her right away. I follow everyday made easy recently. I love my teacher, I took an in person garment making class and it helped SOOOOO much. I follow so many great seamstresses and many are coming out with their own patterns. I'm going to tag you on a couple of them on Instagram, many of them have YouTube channels. plus I'm in several sewing FB groups. That's why I'm adding more Indie pattern companies to my stash, I'm learning they are easier to follow. here on YouTube, Anita By Design, SewToFit (she's a Bernina Ambassador as well), Style Sew Me just to name a few 😊

  10. lol Those off the shoulder tops, they are like everywhere. I also find they are made out of super thin cotton fabric that isn't going to take long time wear. Thanks for putting this video together. Great resources too 😉

  11. belinda Coba says:

    Have you check Professor Pincushion ? She has a lot great tutorials and for the simplicity pattern there's one called Mimi G style she teaches how to sew with those patterns.

  12. I so agree with you on clothing sucks, and I just love your sewing reports.  I'm an old ham, and have spent so much money trying to learn tricks through books……these are really good tools and places.   you are great

  13. gingerella says:

    Great video Jennifer! Very well said, and I agree with all of it. Let's hope things start changing! You're right about Pinterest as well; I never realised how much I ignore the tutorials now. Jen x

  14. I really love watching Annika Victoria's channel! She does multiple types of 'shows' where she takes suggestions and tries to make it, sometimes she'll finish a sewing project she had, and other stuff like that.

  15. Thanks for all the new resources! I have been so fed up with women's clothes I just live in men's tees and sweats. (I mean who wants short shirts and tiny sleeves?) This year I'm venturing into making clothes and I am so excited to actually have pretty garments that fit me like I want them too! New subscriber! 🙂

  16. S Douglas says:

    On YouTube, look for videos by Sewing Parts Online; Professor Pincushion and Sewing Machine Warehouse (from Australia).  Also, beware of Burda patterns where the instructions are terrible and you have to add your own seam allowance.  Thanks for this video.  I like Vogue Patterns and Butterick Patterns the best and they go on sale for a weekend, from time to time, and I buy then.

  17. Jean Archi says:

    I can't get any decent pants to fit me, and skinny jeans are too
    restrictive. I did see what they now call, Mum jeans, but only few in that line.
    Why make a joke of them because they cater to the women's shape?

  18. Ewa N says:

    I don't agree with you you can found great tutorials …..look guys for "The tailor and the dressmaker " are amazing tutorials from guy who teach old school stuff different technics and systems to build clothing ……tailoring and dress making it don't come from all this paternity train but from making them be RESIZED AND FEET. And sizes will be different if you porch as them in different parts of the world ….AND STOP BUYING FROM SOME COMPANIES FROM ASIA….ASIAN WMA ARE BUILD DIRRERENT THAT EUROPEANS ……..I CAN MAKE ANY ASIAN PAR ET BE RESIZED BUT IT WILL TAKE CENTURY TO DO SO WITH SKILLS WILL BE FEET BUT TRY MAKE EUROPEANS SIZES ESP CIA BIG FITCH THEM HMMM WILL BE RATER SUCK OF POTATO.


  19. Love your video and the title, yay!

  20. I loved this thanks so much! I started sewing quilts and home dec and it came really easily. I then started sewing kids clothing and that was a bit harder but I still did ok. Sewing for myself….yeah….lol that had me running to YouTube and seeing a lot of faux sewing videos. I found so many great sources too and I will be adding your suggestions in to the mix! Now I just need more sewing time 😂😂

  21. Been sewing for 50 years. I hate those trace a tee shirt videos.

  22. Nina Woodson says:

    thank you for your tips I do so I used to do it in school years ago and I'm trying to get back into my sewing it's just some time with these patterns cutting them out play some more the fabric it turned me off sometimes but I love to Sew

  23. I do think that it is ok to ship Walmart for fabric when you are starting out…because when you are new you don't want to pay a lot for fabric, because of that fact. When you start to get better, then spending more on fabric is definitely recommended. But, It is ok to start on the lower end…you have got to start somewhere!

  24. Thank you so much….for the video it was very helpful and informative, since I'm very new to sewing. I've always wanted to make my own clothing…Being tall… clothes in the store never fit me correctly. They always look good on everyone else, but not me. I was searching trying to get ideas on where to start sewing.
    I took one sewing class last year. It was really great, and fun but my work schedule won't allow me to take anymore right now.
    thank you for the resources…I will check them out, I've never heard of them before. I can't stand the tissue paper patterns…….!!!
    Lastly,…..you are sooo right how is tracing a tee shirt" sewing"!! and "I'm new to sewing". I want my items to be "well made"
    not look "home made". thanks for sharing your knowledge!

  25. Ms410410 says:

    heck out Peggy Sagers and Silhoutte Patterns webcasts. i get lots of compliments on clothing and people are surprised they're home sewn. great instruction, fabrics, and motivation.

  26. I love to sew. it keep's me occupied. but, I'm somewhat new at this I have a sewing machine for about 20 yrs and it still work's.

  27. cindy smith says:

    Have you ever been to Fine Fabrics in Norcross? I'm in south Atlanta.

  28. cindy smith says:

    Here in Atlanta..only place I go.. $4.99 it's. Knits..fabric heaven!!! You will love it.. Also Gail K. Fabrics is pretty good! Enjoy your videos!!

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